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Cool. Sounds like we need to sink the chinese fishing fleet right away!

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Tragedy of the commons.

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the solution is more hurricanes ic

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As we found with the lock down. Shit comes back quick.

If we could cycle through resources. Like use for a year. Take a year off. Things would recover more better

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The problem is, china wil just double or triple dip.

[–] VAT ago  (edited ago)

EXCEPT for the poor original Cod species.... GONE for good!

In 1972 Portugal, Spain, Canada, and Russia killed so many new england Cod , that it never came back, and vile Canadian Indians keep ensuring it stays near extinct. The shitty cod near iceland is not as tasty or as white.

Extinction threat to cod:


TL/DR: Some fish that evolved to only live in mega-colonies ... perhaps never recover.