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Give it to the blacks first. Then the browns...... Whites do not deserve the vaccine ;)

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But where are they going to get the $5000 a dose? I mean really, $10000 a dose is out of the reach of the average black man, so by the time they save up the $15000 for a dose, only maybe 6 million doses can be sold.

[–] PhilKDick [S] ago 

Put a supply of them in a city store, let looters take tgem, tthen collect insurance. It works in baltimore for pharmacies

[–] Morbo ago 

Well then it sounds like the only ones who can afford it are the jews. Better give it to them first since they are the chosen ones.

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I accept that my whiteness has given me an advantage in previous vaccinations. I will embrace our cultural diversity and allow people of color to receive this one first.

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Lol.. northern euro guys like me don't even need vaccine... we just have good genes.

Fk you haha.

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“Look at how efficient the international corporations are when they are free from any nations governmental oversight or intervention.”

“Finally something we can trust.“

[–] wunderlost ago 

sounds great. but, I would like to confirm, this is the US government we're talking about right? like they did with the GSK-Sanofi vaccine, "we support your work but reserve batches for us." is this like that?

[–] Phantom42 ago 


I hate capitalists, communists, and libertarians. They think they've got things figured out... Heh. Let them.

[–] matt ago 

Well, I was going to tell you to fuck right off but then I noticed that you posted this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq-knHXSKYY&feature=youtu.be

„Tone„ can often be misconstrued through digital communication because it lacks visual cues.

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Still, they aren’t done studying the vaccine yet. The Phase Three trial is expanding from 30,000 participants to 44,000. Bourla says that they’ll hopefully have results at the end of next month. “We have a good chance that we will know if the product works by the end of October,” he said.

Pfizer did not accept federal funding for their coronavirus vaccine development. They will eat the cost of the “hundreds of thousands of doses” if the study doesn’t turn out as they hope.

Or in other words "As we have no government oversight, we can be 100% comfortable our study will say exactly what we want it to say."

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Sure, for pump and dump on the share price, like Moderna and Gilead did recently

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there was no vaccine for the corona virus that caused sars 1, because of virus mutation.

there's no vaccine for the common cold corona virus, because of virus mutation.

flu vaccines aren't very effective, because of virus mutation.

and we're supposed to believe that there's a vaccine for the corona virus that causes sars 2.

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I might get the injection on the off chance that the first round is actually intended to protect the base population. Against what? against some deadly pathogen or long term disease (airborne HIV etc) the DOD releases after the fact.

That way if people who didnt get it start dropping like flies and the people who got the covid vaccination just "happen to be protected against this new mutations/disease! who could have guessed!"--that way I'll still be alive, and some of us goats will still be around.

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Interesting. So the sheep would survive, as they'd follow up by killing the rebels who aren't inoculated. Wow!

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Interesting. So the sheep would survive, as they'd follow up by killing the rebels who aren't inoculated. Wow!

Others have posted the idea before. It's plausible. Our governments a murderous oligarchy anyway.

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Viruses are dead protein chains.