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2nd 3rd 4th 5th

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Tony Heller does good work. He has a jewtube channel:


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I’m scared it’s not imaginary but planned

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This fake shit again.

This is not herd immunity and I can't be fucked refuting this again, go find the other post on v/science where I wrote a page on it.

Sweden has one of the highest infection rates and death tolls in Europe.

Go suck my fat left nut.

This clown also doesn't understand the term asymptomatic. Spews some pathetic drivel about pandemics (a worst-case scenario) not being sourced to a single asymptomatic carrier (best case scenario), well not shit.

You don't have to worry about the youth dying from it unless you are a crippled, disgusting, faggot with the world's worst immune response. You have to worry about the elderly, which countries like Sweden all let die.

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Six states with Dem governors killed the old in nursing homes by ordering them to take people with the virus AND shipped old people

who were clearly gonna die to hospitals to lower the nursing home death rate which was still SKY HIGH in those states.