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Put a title on it that actually describes the content, man.

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Leftists would read something like that and dismiss it immediately. They'd use the argument that all humans have ancestry to ancient now-extinct hominids and therefore we're all "not human" to som extent.

They're willfully ignorant about race and they've been programmed to not accept anything like this into their worldview.

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They are monkeys. :O

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Garbage site doesn't load

Archive and repost or post blurb

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Loads for me OK...


While introgression from Neanderthals and Denisovans has been documented in modern humans outside Africa, the contribution of archaic hominins to the genetic variation of present-day Africans remains poorly understood. We provide complementary lines of evidence for archaic introgression into four West African populations. Our analyses of site frequency spectra indicate that these populations derive 2 to 19% of their genetic ancestry from an archaic population that diverged before the split of Neanderthals and modern humans. Using a method that can identify segments of archaic ancestry without the need for reference archaic genomes, we built genome-wide maps of archaic ancestry in the Yoruba and the Mende populations. Analyses of these maps reveal segments of archaic ancestry at high frequency in these populations that represent potential targets of adaptive introgression. Our results reveal the substantial contribution of archaic ancestry in shaping the gene pool of present-day West African populations.

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It’s just about niggers not being human.

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Ah, dont need a science journal to tell me that

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They are of another species entirely.

Unless you don't believe your eyes, ears, nose, and experience dealing with them.

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