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Transparent Aluminum?

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They actually came up with that a few years ago.

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Calling the creation of aluminum ceramic (aluminum oxynitride crystals) "transparent aluminum" is as silly as calling silica glass "transparent silicon". Many crystalline metal/metalloid salt materials are transparent but that is not the same thing as having a truly transparent metal or metal alloy. There are metal glasses, which are pure amorphous metals lacking defined crystal structures or grains, but they are not transparent. Until we can get a metal to form a structure that does not absorb photons and is not molecularly bonded to any non-metal atoms, then we won't be able to call any metal "transparent [insert elemental metal name here]". This discovery isn't transparent aluminum. It's amorphous aluminum glass.

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They've been bending panes of glass for years, You ever wonder how they make a windshield?

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ahh, I think what they mean is you can bend it youself.. windshield is fixed... you can't roll and unroll it..

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You're not wrong, but calling glass bending a new thing without understanding that it already bends, and that whatever that complex Aluminum substance isn't technically glass but a substitute. It really devalues the Headline as read.

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so.. like fibre optic?