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This can't be right. Not a single element was discovered by Africa. This is clearly just another case of White men suppressing nigger knowledge and science. Notice how Vibranium is purposefully left off the list. That's the proof that science is racist.

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Clearly, the concept of elements must be a construct of white supremacy

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And only one by the super-duper-hyper-intelligent Orientals. History must be wrong or something.

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bb-bbbut Niggeranium

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Ayo dis be racis n sheit.

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Also take note of the higher atomic numbers. Highly unstable elements that don't occur naturally, and were thus discovered fairly recently.
You can see the rise and decline of american nuclear science, peaking during the cold war.

The Nigger Tax is real. You can spend your resources on creating a high-tech civilisation, or you can pay for their welfare for all eternity.

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I agree with the statement that whites are slaves to niggers. How else to explain that we feed them, clothe them, house them, give them their utilities, favor them for jobs when they decide to pretend to work, cure their diseases, and pay for them to pop out niglets who go directly onto welfare?

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favor them for jobs when they decide to pretend to work

Nuff said.

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What about dindu nuffium?

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i dont see any wakandium on there

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no wakanda flag?

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Someone doesn't math well. The UK consists of England, and Scotland. If England has 18 and Scotland has 7 that would be 25 for the UK. not 21. Plus, there are 118 elements shown, but the tally of discoveries equals 129. I did the math twice on a calculator. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Eleven elements were shared according to the chart. 118 + 11 = 129. Do I win a cookie?

Looking up the United Kingdom, it didn't become an official name until 1800 when Ireland was brought in with England and Scotland. Elements 7, 12, and 38 were credited with Scotland prior to 1800. Four are after, and so there does seem to be something off. It should be 22 for the UK. Maybe I am missing something. Do I get at least half another cookie?

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That was a lot of work, you deserve a bag of cookies.

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Looks like some countries both have claims to discover some elements. Especially on the noble gases

[–] Monkeyshinerbot3000 ago 

It shows I'm no scientist at the very least.

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About about watermelononium? I am pretty sure that was invented by a black man in Africa.

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that and Peanutbutterium

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The most interesting are the elements the ancients knew about: C (carbon), S (Sulfur), As (Arsenic), Sn (Tin), Sb (Antimony), Pb (Lead), Bi (Bismuth), Fe (Iron), Cu (Copper), Zn (Zinc), Ag (Silver), Au (Gold), Hg (Mercury).

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It is neat. I suppose those are the easiest to isolate enough to be considered "discovered" as well as given some kind of name.

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