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The results being repeatable is, in fact, consensus.

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Who has access to CERN? How can anyone corroborate modern science claims? Its all appeal to authority. CERN could be a disneyland prop for all we know.

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Build your fucking own. Jesus. Do something with your life instead of whining and complaining about how science is out of reach.

[–] Moodog ago 

That's demonstrably untrue. Repeatable results are proof. Consensus man's only that there is agreement with a stated position.

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And when all the results agree.... Go on, you're so close.

[–] mralexson ago 

True but it also must be accompanied by falsifiable predictions

[–] AltUserMe ago 

Public science is political, scientists will study anything and find anything for funding. Private science is where it's at, that's where new discoveries intended to make a profit come from.

[–] mralexson ago 

That’s half true. Theories have to be repeatable verified hence why methodology is mandatory in research papers

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Modern science is bullshit. All lies. Outer space fantasy land isnt real.

[–] BlowjaySimpson ago 

The binary minded mongoloid.

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Science is about psychopaths stealing money through fear.

[–] tourgen ago 

no, that's just self-interest and politics, as usual.

[–] Jimmycog ago 

Hidden behind the curtain of lies.