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So what you are saying is we should shut down all nations until they instill communism?

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I thought he was saying we need to engineer a better virus that kill only non-whites.

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Rhinovirus is the dominant cause of the common cold. Not coronavirus.


You might say some strains of coronavirus might also cause a cold, but they're not the normal cause.

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coronavirus has been a normal cause of about 1/5th of your colds your entire life.

are they the dominant cause?




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There are a few types of viruses that cause colds. Rhinovirus is number one, number two are coronaviruses.

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Coronaviruses are a family of viruses (Coronaviridae) with >46 known species. Most of them don’t even infect humans. And of those which do, most cause a relatively benign “common cold,” but some are much more infectious and/or deadly than others. SARS-Cov2 is not the MOST deadly or contagious, but it’s also not the least.

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Queue all the voat niggers downvoating you because this is the only factual information on this page...

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So is it pneumonia? Or a cold. Both?

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Pneumonia is just an infection of the lungs, so if the virus does take hold in your lungs, you have “pneumonia caused by SARS-Cov2”

“A cold” is just a non-specific colloquial term for the minor sorts of illnesses we’re all familiar with. Coronaviruses are responsible for a decent proportion of these illnesses, along with rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, and others. But THIS coronavirus is a new one, and there was no way to know for sure how dangerous it was until ~April-May.

Infections with SARS-Cov2 vary significantly in their clinical manifestation. It’s undeniably the case that the vast majority of people who become infected will experience something like the common cold or no symptoms at all. This is the case for virtually all people who are reasonably healthy, ESPECIALLY young people. On the flipside, people who are in poor health often develop a very severe pneumonia that can be quite deadly.

Overall, my honest opinion (I’m not quite a doctor yet, but I’m close, and I’ve got a degree in molecular biology and multiple publications in immunology journals) is that this virus really isn’t much more dangerous than a bad flu season. The lockdowns and mask hysteria are COMPLETELY unwarranted from a medical/scientific standpoint (never mind the fucking political side of things), and there is absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind that we’ve done infinitely more harm than good with all of this bullshit.

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Jeez I mean maybe the word “example” might have cued someone in that is was one in a catagory.

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Holocough is a hoax, they shut down the country to attack the middle class.

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Average age of death from this stands at 78 years old.

Keep in mind they count people who clearly did not die of the virus too so it should be higher.



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If this President, Donald J trump actually gets a vaccine to cure the common cold, he will have easily become the greatest American ever.

This we know from 8th grade health class. There is no vaccine for the common cold because it is caused by several different viruses, or mutations of viruses. That's why some folks get a cold every winter like I used to before I began to strengthen my immune system. Eat healthy, don't drink too much alcohol, get plenty of sleep, don't over exhaust yourself with stress etc, etc. And you too can go through life laughing at the less fortunate that are constantly sneezing.

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All that is true, and more true is that of all those, corona virus most fragile, and "weakest", and killed by 2 hours of sunlight if not in a lung. It is weakest because it is a "single strand" RNA that uses 5 errors of short replication to make its 3d final structure and the rarely made longest chain RNA is thwarted by encountering a single free floating Zn2+ ion in the cell, though zinc not normally inside the cells.

Also True is SARS-1 is similar to SARS-2 except for militarized parts from Wuhan, and SARS-1 is deadly.

SARS-2 is OFFICIAL scientific name for covid-19 virus


And HCQ is 90%efficacy on SARS-1 since 2005, and adding a Macrolide to HCQ is a jaw dropping 99.1% proven efficacy, even the dying.

adding a Macrolide to HCQ is the 99.1% efficacy TRUMP CURE.

That Trump Cure is 200mg of oral hydroxychloroquinesulfate, three times per day for ten days (600mg per day) combined with azithromycin [ a Macrolide] (500mg on D1 followed by 250mg per day for the next four days)

Some evil kiking people leave out the macrolide, or cut the hydroxychloroquinesulfate dosage to 400mg not 500mg nor 600mg, or cut the days to 3 days not 6 days, even though it does work in 3 days too.

many tried to smear the amazing proven Trump Cure!

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types of genetic garbage. they show up when you are sick, they don't make you sick.

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Even most of voat isn't ready to recognize illness is typically a result of a shit lifestyle. They probably think all those poor faggots and Africans are victims of the mean old AIDS (syndromes are what they call it when they don't have a clue, do know and don't want people to realize (SIDS/VACCINES) or want to lump a bunch of shit together)

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You should not be allowed to post on this subverse.

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guy that invented the pcr agrees with me.

you are a moron that believes dead things can get you.

ooooo booogie man will get you! and you believe it.

fucking idiots, all of you

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