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I've reported on this before, several times, here on Voat. There are several similiar studies of Metabolism Genetic Disorders (MGD) with the principal cause being consanguinity. MGD is prevelent in USA black ghettos, where many children do not know who their fathers are and women who likewise do not know which male has impregnated them.

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We can trace our genealogy because the church kept records of who married who to prevent that shit.

There had to be six degrees of consanguinity separation between the man and his wife before they could get married..

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Can confirm, anecdotally anyway. The worst condition babies in my NICU and NHDU are Muslim, and suspected or confirmed genetic issues.

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And countries with public health care systems, already overburdened, are just letting them in. The stupidity is staggering.

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And they call whites cousin fuckers. Camel jockies will put their dicks into litterally anything.

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That is why they're called sand niggers.

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Here is a graph of the prevalence of consanguinous marriage in certain areas of several countries. I believe “max” is prevalence in area with most consanguinous marriage rate, and “min” is level of prevalence in area with the least.



And the link, because Im not a lazy fuck like deadhand


Look at afghanistan, even the minimum is really bad. Pakistan- bad. Qatar -bad. Everything in the Middle East pretty bad

China, India, Israel have high maxima but low minima which I assume indicates a big difference between regions.

South Africa is pretty low compared to the other african countries here, I assume because no muslims.

The pope banned cousin marriage centuries ago but I dont think theres any proscription against it in Judaism or Islam. I think you can marry your uncle in Judaism. Ick.

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The Islamic concensus ruling since European people discovered it's terrible for your genes (last couple hundred years) is that it should only be done out of extraordinary necessity/circumstances (fell in love without knowing etc). Obviously these rulings (like most others now a days ) are generally ignored in the Muslim communities where it is ingrained.

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It aint the concensus in Afghanistan.

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And UK funds them.

So enriching.

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This report should not come as a shock to anyone.

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They eat humus and it just leaks out their ass constantly.

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