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I think "useful" would have been a better adjective. Neither iron, nor sulfur are very expensive.

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Valuable in terms of cost effectiveness if this pans out. Magnets are rare earths and hence expensive. Iron and sulfur are common and cheap.

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Yeah, I understand that it is what they meant, that it is valuable like water, but it does not mean that people should invest in it.

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Hidden away at the end

Leighton said the next step is to continue research to replicate the process at higher temperatures, which the team's preliminary data suggest should certainly be possible. They also hope to try the process with other materials and to demonstrate potential for real devices.

No mention of what temperature they were doing their research at. I'm guessing "too cold to be interesting."

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Yeah, looking at the source abstract (https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/6/31/eabb7721) it looks like they can do this "up to 25K." So not outer space cold, but certainly not anywhere near room temperature

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Follow the article trail, it’s linked at the bottom. They were at 240 K.


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My entire yard is slam full of this stuff.

I wish it was valuable.

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You can clean it up and sell it as souvenirs and such. Carve some small wooden statues/signs, glue a bit of pyrite to it, paint it up, even make a mini-scene, and sell that.

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You got any sports drinks lying around? Do the experiment and let us know if it works on a budget.

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I'M NOT A FOOL AFTER ALL, YOU FUCKING KIKES! Gonna change my name to Foolsgoldstein, or Pyriteberg.

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Most materials have some kind of use.

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they got all the crystals to point one way, rivetting.


you can make sticks harness magnetism for all nature cares.