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Amazing how much damage they did to him putting him on that respirator. I hope they enjoyed the extra few thousand they got for it.

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The drug Levophed caused him to lose his fingers. They did this to him.

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That's my speculation as well. Pressor drugs like that are known to cause death of fingers and toes.

It I were him, I would have wanted my hands in suction chambers. Apply suction then turn it off. Repeat as necessary. Heart can't get the blood out? Pull it out by force. And frankly I'd want a very slow infusion of sodium nitroprusside into the brachial arteries.

Fuck doctors. Unwilling to apply basic physiology. Can't even make a therapeutic hickey.

All memorization and snap judgements.

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I'm a Biomed faggot. I am with you 100% my brother.

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I just did more research. When people get sepsis, it causes low blood pressure and heart failure. They give Levophed to increase blood pressure and it works by constricting blood vessels in extremities. So you're dying and they save you by killing your limbs.

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Fuck your pay wall

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fuck you. I don't even know what that is. I'm fuckin in lock down laid off , drunk off my ass, typing on a fuckin computer

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1% chance of survival

Anybody else remember Hillary's 97% chance to win?