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National Parks are a perfect place for serial killers to lurk, if you go missing chances are no one will find you if your killer is half competent.

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It’s not serial killers. At least not human.

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Cougars are serial killers.

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Missing 411. What happens inside U.S. national parks? (2020-03)


Derrel Sims (2014-05) Alien Implants. Topics: Abduction, mind control, sex rape of women & adolescents, device implants, botched surgeries, surveillance, dog murder by aliens


Pain is worse than death.

"To have witnessed between 30-40 mutilated Humans in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Alaska, Australia, Yugoslavia, & Russia."

"When corpses were removed... info wouldn't be given to the authorities... individuals would be placed on the missing persons registry indefinitely."

"They're in our atmosphere regularly."

"The largest recovery of bodies was in Australia, where 24 bodies had been left. Injuries are the same as animal mutilation... He said that internal organs would be removed and also brains. He seemed to think that anything connected with the nervous system is what they would take. He did not see alot of blood... They usually choose remote, out-of-the-way places to carry out Human mutilations. They knew where to go and where to take from, where the people would not be missed for a long time. Bodies included children."

"A girl and boy. Girl of 16, boy of 21... No genitals, gone. Teeth missing. The boy had his skin was peeled off, all the top layer, was just red."

"No genitals, nothin, all gone... Where the genitals are, there was like a circle, like a cutter had gone in, but there was no mess... It was just clean cut, it was like somebody had put a cutter in and taken it... No teeth, no eyes, lips... It was like somebody just peeled it off, all the top part. All her hair was gone, looked like a newborn child that had been grownup though... no facial hair, breasts, lips, the eyes were sunken in then... The breasts looked like somebody had sliced the breasts off, it was just red, deep color red, there was nothing coming down the sides."


Kill them. They kill us

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Aliens??? More like Mossad and cia

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Devils is what the natives first named them.

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Lol. Number one is a nig that spooked and ran away and disapeared in the woods...

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David Pauladis has better research

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Yeah David Paulides is great.

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Yeah. David Paulides rules!

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Millions of people go to National Parks it is to be expected that some will disappear naturally without a trace. Read the book "The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day".

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Kooshed has a point. Martians sounds like a totally reasonable explanation.

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Never said that.

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Listen to enough eyewitness stories about what they see. Understand that folklore / native stories weren’t tales of entertainment but an actual warning. Understand you’ve been lied to your entire life.

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It could be vampires. Did you see twilight?

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Did people disappear in a National Park, or are the parks disappearing?

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People disappear in National Parks as well as wilderness areas.

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God his voice truly is annoying AF

I can deal with speaking disorders but my God!!!

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He suffered a stroke and had to relearn how to talk.

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Now I sound like an asshole !

Anyway what do you think about the disappeared people

I feel like we aren't even getting the whole truth or story and I'm not sure we ever will but do you have any thoughts as for what is actually occuring?

I definitely spent a lot of time coming up with a logical explanation but I can't seem to come up with something I feel is good enough

Also I wonder what if the police/investigators who are in charge of some of these cases are keeping information from the public

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so many hard "S"