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Which ultimately forced them to use their brain quickly so they wont die frozen, unlike niggers who enjoyed hot climates and plenty of resources they never bothered to make something with.

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So basically white people are more empathetic and technically are genetically morally superior, shocking.

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Neanderthals are too far back to say much about modern populations, besides a few specific genes here and there. There may be a few interesting genes however... Gregory Cochrain is always saying Tibetians have high-altitude genes from Denisovians for example.

You may have heard of New World peoples having a diabetes gene (modern environment/diet) from Neanderthals but different groups seem to have somewhat different Neanderthal genes. :/

Even so the past few thousand years of selection could have chaged anything.

OMG... https://www.nature.com/news/modern-human-genomes-reveal-our-inner-neanderthal-1.14615

They probably want to play Jurasic Park.

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So Im guessing feeling more pain also let them feel the cold more. Which helped them not freeze to death.

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