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Same for lawyers.

My law school had private sessions with the Black Law Student Association where they would literally give them the tests before hand in an effort to get them to pass.

Never hire professional blacks.

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When I was in engineering school we had dedicated lectures where people came and spoke about the benefits of marxism in engineering.

I shit you not

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Genuinely curious, what benefits were they touting?

[–] AhmaudArbery ago 

Look at that nogger defense attorney crump that guy can barely make a coherant sentence. Most black leaders are in fact stupid.

[–] Plavonica ago 

In CS classes you typically have to do a presentation when a major project is done. It's interesting to see the mudbloods get up there and stumble through the English in the comments of the code they copied, barely able to work out the sentences of the comments let alone be able to tell you anything about the code itself.

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They are trying to "fix" this nigger outrage by not allowing you to CHOOSE your doctor. ALSO not publishing the performance record of doctors.

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You have THE RIGHT to fire your doctor. Ask to see the “Patient Rights” document for your state & care setting. You don’t even have to give a reason. They may fuck with you about rescheduling but you can often go elsewhere.


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Once they get universal healthcare that'll vanish. I live in such a country and no one uses the public system if they can avoid it. Being seen for an emergency can take days, seeing a consultant takes years (if you're even eligable). Switching doctor means going back to the start of the queue, so no one does.

And that's under normal circumstances. With the lockdown crisis they've shut all the private hospitals so even if you pay for private coverage you aren't actually getting it. And the majority of the public system we're paying for is shut down too.

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago  (edited ago)

Yeah, make waves, get fucked over (punished) a thousand DIFFERENT ways. It's like ASSERTING your rights legally WILL cost you EXTENDED time in JAIL (waiting for this or that, or PAYING various FEES you've never heard of for services you've never ASKED FOR) for a MINOR offense EVEN if you're ACTUALLY innocent.

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I'd just love to see a white doctor, holy cow are they rare now.

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My doctor is an old german motherfucker who hires only 8+ /10 white women as assistants

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Reminds me of an old boys firm I used to work for. One day the new office manager, a lady, couldn't stop cackling, she showed me some interview notes the bosses had made while hiring. The notes read "the red head with the legs" at the top. Not sure if she was hired, it was before my time.

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We’re still around. Just really popular & therefore busy.

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Confirmed... my dentist stepped out of my filling for an emergency she had to attend to. Black dentist stepped in. Fucked my back three teeth up.

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Are they now covered in gold?

[–] Plavonica ago 

Had the reverse of that. Military dentist diversity hire women fucked up my tooth so bad it nearly needed removal. Called in an old Asian dentist and he had it fixed in 10 min. Might still eventually lose the tooth, but I'll never forget that lesson in diversity.

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New rule only black doctors can operate on Jewish people to prove that affirmative action works. Put their lives where mouths are.

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6million can't come soon enough.

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The problem with these policies is they actually create more racism where it wasn't, because now people have to be careful of certain races in professions not even due to the race they are but due to the policies that create different standards so that they can't trust them the same.

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I'm aparently not good at interpreating graphs, this shows for the same GPA range, more blacks and hispanics are accepted?

I don't question that this is a problem but does it also mean some blacks and hispanics are still getting top marks? Like in the third graph.

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It shows the likelihood of being accepted into medical school for each GPA/MCAT score.

Lots of asians and whites get high scores, they aren't all accepted because there are so many applicants. But because it is so rare that a black student gets high scores, 94% of them are accepted in order for the schools to fill their diversity quotas.

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True story:

Guy I know got in a bad farm accident and rushed to the ER with a shattered pelvis, broken legs and internal injuries. He was barely conscious when a dot head in a lab coat came in and started probing him. He slapped his hands away and said, "Get your fucking hands off me, you God damn nigger!" The pajeet was indignant.

He said, "I am doctor!"

The guy had enough strength to say, "You may be A doctor, but you're not MY doctor."

Hahahaha.... I still laugh to this day.

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