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Italian American here; grew up bilingual; and noticed from about the time Hispanic kids started becoming a thing in our local school system, that they could speak neither English nor Spanish very well. They'd try to hide their deficiencies in English by passing themselves off as native Spanish speakers- and the school district fell for it, providing them with a bunch of ESL classes that they didn't actually need. They should have known better- I'm from a Northeastern state, and these kids were Puerto Ricans brought in from the hood via the busing system, not Mexican immigrants.

Sure enough, it produced no improvement for them in either language.

Even from speaking a second language related to Spanish, I could figure out enough to realize how badly they were butchering it. They would make mistakes in Spanish that gave them away as (bad) native English speakers, but then their English was pretty much ebonics.

They used to be such arrogant assholes, too, speaking it as a secret code around the Anglo kids. I'd laugh when I overheard shit- but they never realized I was laughing at them, not at the Anglos.

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They can't really speak Spanish, actual Mexicans despise Americans that have Mexican heritage and pretend to be Mexican.

They think they are spoiled and retarded. They say, if they hate the US, they'll REALLY hate the Mexican government. But they never even bother to go to Mexico one single time to see how good they have it here.

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And have 14 children

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But they claim they're smarter than Americans that just speak English

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Spanish is taught by parents and English is learned from friends... doesn't make them smart. My chinese friends little brother could speak perfect english at 5 and he just picked it up from being at school and others around him.

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So about 12% below whites and 10% more than blacks.


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Per this source (https://www.bitchute.com/video/QGqjdvCntNbA/ at 5m30s) on average spics have 3 IQ points more than niggers.

That's it, 3 fucking points. They are literally as dumb as niggers.

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I stand corrected.

One comment I would add is to not focus on the average either.

Elite IQs are way more skewed in favor of Whites too.

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Basically, fuckmeat.

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That is a lot of Taco chefs!

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