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Here’s an interesting video I watched the other day by a beekeeper who has to destroy an aggressive, potentially africanized hive. He talks a little about how the queen often drives a hive to be more or less aggressive. Really interesting video which show you how aggressive some hives are vs others.


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Funny that it's "Africanized" when they're violent.

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Based zoology.

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watched this already (I like and keep bees) and you can tell the nigger bee hive as they never stop the attack. it's like nigger mentality. one bee decides "attack!" which releases a pheromone causing other bees to attack. when the bee dies it releases another pheromone causing bees to attack. the queen can stop this and all behavior (in bee society the queen bee literally rules... unless they hate her) but seems unimpressed most of the time.

like there is some feral sheboon mother out there engaging all the niggers and niglets to throw their lives away. but in reality they have culture and etiquette - the violence and the lack of idea of consequences is where niggers and bees separate. bees will work for the hive, even up until the queen leaves them to die, or the queen is despised and is effectively cooked to death.

all bees are normal and make sense but nigger bees. around nigger bees, never relax. seriously. niggers people know to be wary of. nigger bees, people never think anything bad can happen. until tyrone buzzly gets his 10k nigger bee honeyz on you.

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Not only do they attack but they are notorious for killing off and taking over gentle hives instead of swarming. I fucking hate hot hives.

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Nigger beehive. Yes!

Niggers. Bees.

Niggers = Bees.

I live in a town with lots and lots of bees.

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Yeah man, I watched one and the bees were like super evil.

Fuucking globalism. African bees, Asian hornets; Burmese pythons.

Niggers. Muzzies. Shit the U.S is doomed.

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Well, I would say that when you reckless mix species from different relatively isolated ecosystems, you will probably get a lot of chaos, destroy a lot of stability. Is that what you were going for?

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I just watched this on the 4th! youtube algorithms.... wow

That video is what happens when a hive goes full hillary, you never go full hillary.

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I learned alot from that video. Mainly that even in northern tier states you can stumble upon the occasional super-aggressive hive. Those were some mean bees.

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Even within European honey bee varieties there are significant differences in temperament due to genetics.


I have Italian bees in my hive.

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Are they more chill?

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They have a unique method of communication involving waving their forelegs erratically to increase the likelihood that their message is received.

Other than that, they're pretty much the same as any other Eurobee.

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Definitely more chilled out than a feral hive.

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"Mostly these bees' genomes look like Africanized bees," Hudson said. "But there was one chunk that looked very European. And the frequency of that European chunk in the hive seems to dictate how gentle that hive is going to be to a large extent.


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Dr. Richard Lynn states in -- "Race and Psychopathic Personality " that the most plausible explanation for these differences (aggressive behavior) is that just as there are racial differences in average IQ, there are racial differences in what could be called “average personality,” with blacks showing greater psychopathic tendencies. The argument that white “racism” is responsible for black social pathology is increasingly unconvincing--- especially if you consider black-on-black crime. This same pattern of behavior is found all over the world, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Richard Lynn is professor emeritus of psychology of the University of Ulster and the leading expert on racial differences and IQ. As suspected with anything concerning racial differences, the (((Marxist))) 'Cancel Culture' has successfully pressured the university in withdrawing the title of "emeritus" by the university in 2018. Nevertheless, a Title granted is a Title that is forever earned. Caving to the Marxists and withdrawing Dr. Lynn's Title does not erase the fact that he rightly earned it for his extraordinary work. Dr. Lynn's expertise in the field of psychology regarding racial IQ is a matter of public record through his many published books and articles, and has been authoritatively and publicly confirmed.

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Thanks, good link

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I will tell you one thing, beekeepers who are interested in saving their native bee, are more common sense and at least centre right, even if they don't consciously know it, as opposed to ''diversity is important in bees'' we need a diversified mutt disease resistant bee, hasn't been proven to be exact, but a lot of thinking that way, burning bees in skeps used to be a thing, until they made the transition to moveable beehives, with compartments. Diversity within the bee genome makes them fucking crazy, they might aswell have fat arses. If you treat bees too much and go down the chemical route, due to the fact we interfere with their genetics as it is - re-queening and such, we are already manipulating how they breed, we don't need to interfere in every aspect of bee life, they survived the ice age, I think they know internally what they are doing better than us, you can create artificial swarms, doesn't always work, bees can surprise you. People are still learning after 40 years in beekeeping, over a small bee, some parts of the world have stingless bees, bees should be calm but have a little feistiness in them it signifies health and defence, against maybe hornets and wasps.

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Good comment. Once again diversity does not equal improvement.

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say it with me now :

nigger bees.

makes perfect sense minus the hive / colony the bees try to protect. instead nigger bees just destroy anything they can, giving up their own lives to do so. nigger bees.

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You can use selective breeding to improve any species, GMOs are just the next level of selective breeding and totally safe! Also DON'T EVEN CONSIDER HOW SELECTIVE BREEDING IN DIFFERENT HUMAN POPULATIONS COULD HAVE MADE THEM DIFFERENT OVER THE PAST FEW THOUSAND YEARS OF CIVILIZATION YOU RACIST!

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Thousands? Try millions... but we're not allowed to know or talk about that.

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Just look at pure bred dog competitions... You don't see them mixing the breeds there.

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