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24 people

come on

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First thing I did was scan through to see if they stated the wavelength(s) of light they tested and for sample size. The fact that this is supposedly peer reviewed says a lot about the state of modern science.

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You can't get funding for a large scale (and expensive) study without some preliminary work. The actual paper would make it clear that this is such a study. I see nothing worrying in this tertiary article, knowing how research actually works.

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Researchers built on their previous findings in mice, bumblebees and fruit flies, which all found significant improvements in the function of the retina's photoreceptors when their eyes were exposed to 670 nanometre (long wavelength) deep red light.

For the study, 24 people (12 male, 12 female), aged between 28 and 72, who had no ocular disease, were recruited

No control group.

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Numbers as few as 10 are common.

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Search for 670nm on Amazon. It's all junk science healing bullshit.

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I have no information one way or another about long wavelength light improving healing or regeneration, but they would need hundreds or thousands of individuals for stastistical significance, not 24. Unless maybe the entire experimental group went from blind to having super-human vision

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Yeah. It's a "we did a small scale study, here are our findings" deal.

What exactly is the problem here? Do you think they'll just, on a whim, test thousands of people? Or do you think it's more responsible to do a limited run and see if maybe it's worth going bigger? Fucking hmmmmmmmm.

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Christ you're a miserable bunch of shits today!

This is great news! Embrace and enjoy!

Infrared light is long proven to help healing, they already tested this on animals and in human tests it did as predicted, helping older people. Fuck is wrong with that, your sour-pussed fuckweasels?

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Infrared light is invisible to human eyes. Shining it on your eyes is extremely dangerous because you have no way to guage if it is too bright. Your natural reflexes won't work. That is exactly why infrared lasers are far more dangerous than visible light lasers.

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They are talking about a deep red light you CAN see. I'm just pointing out that near and far infrared, especially near, is well-proven for healing.

I have a couple of large 300w infrared lamps I point in the general direction of any injuries I get. Why? Cos I believe everything I read on the Internet or something, but yeah it works. Too well sometimes; I had an op on my back a few years ago, was told to go back in a week or so for the stitches to be removed. In the meantime figured I'd help things along with the lamps... It healed so fast the doc had a hell of a time trying to get the stiches out, and kept muttering "Never seen such healing, it's all totally healed, right over the stitches"

So there's that?

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670nm is visible, though the article fails to mention what power or flux was used.

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If you tear apart an old cdrom player, the laser is infra red. Super deep, super strong, so much healing. Try it!

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Also acid from a car battery works a lot better for acne then your benzoic acid prescription. The doctors just dont want you to know.

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It's not infrared. It's visible long wave red.

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They're called shills. Useful idiots who can't think for themselves so they bitch whine and moan about anything that might represent a better future for anyone, because they can't imagine it, a world without their keeper telling them what to do, just children forever attached to the tit.

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That's not a chan created article aimed that left is it? I mean it isn't going to turn out that staring at a deep red light is going to make me go blind?

Or worse. A grant farming college asshole that made research bucks churning out crap his students dreamed up in the bar?

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Lazer light works the best

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Better make red light illegal.

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Hey goy, live in pods, eat bugs, masturbate endlessly and stare into red lasers

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Roxanne, you don't need to put on the red light.

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"Those days are over

You don't have to sell your body to the night"

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Says it costs $12 to make but doesn’t say how lol

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This is the same horseshit pushed by those faggots who claim that "sungazing" is good for your eyes.

You mean, you get permanent sun-induced damage to your eyesight if you're stupid enough to do that shit.

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By "deep red" they mean 670nm, not the intensity of the sun or a laser. Stop assuming shit. It makes you look dumb.

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Sun gazing works. Glasses are a Jew invention.

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The fact that you think that staring into the sun cures your eyes in regards to glasses is proof positive you have zero fucking idea what you're talking about.

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Burning a small hole in ones retinas is not smart in any way. It's fucking dumb.

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Been doing that, but at a 33 degree angle. Feel great.

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