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EXCELLENT article.

As I have been saying lately, there is no real evidence of a virus, because the alleged virus has never been effectively isolated, and thus it's RNA has never been sequenced. Therefore, these PCR tests are worthless, because there is no way to know if the RNA sequence they are being used to test for is actually from the supposed virus. Therefore, not one person in the the US, if not the entire world, has ever actually tested positive for this supposed virus, THEREFORE there is no evidence that there even is a virus.

THEREFORE, there is no virus.

I will be sending this article to many people.

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And muh flat earth amiright? You are correct about the PCR tests being worthless, but you have no idea why.

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Ok fag.

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EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY. So many plebs get beyond this fact and start talking about control, masks, exposure....TO WHAT U FUCKS

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What a great unbiased scientific site.

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