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Pro tip. Never let a nigger “doctor” do surgury for you or family

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I'm a med student. Watching them present cases during rounds clarifies the admissions office's affirmative action real quick. They clearly struggle to make it happen.

But, they do as expected on the standardized tests in med school, so they don't usually end up in competitive specialties (like surgery) unless they're a rare smart one. For the most part, the system has the diversity appearances, but real meritocratic filtering takes place before doctors specialize and start practicing. Good news is, if you find one as a surgeon (there aren't many), you probably found the 1 in a million that can make it.

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Once a Dem president is in place, we’ll get government healthcare and I’m sure we won’t be able to opt out of the “diverse” doctors. We better fight now, this is the easiest we’ll ever have it.

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Mean score as percentile of white distribution

Now do jews

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No data. This is where they hide themselves as "white". Other ethnic groups do also, which explains the disparity between white and asian.

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Despite Asians having some of the high scores, I avoid any of them who went to medical school overseas. That includes white doctors and European universities because I have no idea what their standards are.

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Most European countries have higher standards for medical practice than the US, although you would expect that doctors disproportionally leave the worse countries to seek a higher wage in America.

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Well it depends on which European country. Greece or Germany? Norway or Romania?

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I have seen some of the "medical schools" overseas and sat in on a class or 2...I knowwhat their standards are..and it ain't the AMA standard. that all i need to know

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The USA highest IQ asians are BANNED from going to medical schools in USA , as per US Gov official data, for their first 13 med school applications, if the asian is the top 1% for MCAT and GPA !!!!

Why? To not make niggers almost 3 standard deviations lower in a medical school! Not one nigger would ever pass a course.

ASIANS in the last 4 years MUST leave USA and get med school degree outside canada and outside USA. (both ban high IQ asians).


2012 :

MEDICAL schools in USA and Canada REFUSE to admit any high scoring Whites or Asians to prevent them from being nearly three standard deviations of IQ over their best token negros in Medical Schools.

I am not kidding. The US gov admits its only a 13% chance of admittance if you are a magical unicorn White or Asian with perfect MCAT score perfect SAT and SAT 2 and perfect GPA of 4.0! 60% only if they apply up to 12 times. 13% chance for one application attempt!!!! (The rest are denied their first 12 applications and their money taken each time, until they give up- and fly overseas for a a medical degree).

Think of it. Look below for data. Merely 60% after 13 attempts if you are provably the very best non-black candidate on earth. Whites and Asians need not apply to medical school.

AFRICAN IQ is closer to IQ 66, but AMERICAN NEGROES all have some white DNA (a few Neanderthal DNA genes).

The IQ of american blacks is closer to IQ 85 (the old definition of retardation in the 1970s). Thankfully that is better than IQ 66, but still too low to fit into society or maintain a democracy and civilization.

In 1959, AAMD set the IQ threshold for mental retardation at < 85, in the 1970s because this meant HALF of all US blacks are retarded, they changed its definition so that most US Blacks are not labelled RETARDED. Pure-bred african blacks are of course overwhelmingly still retarded , at IQ 66 or so :


Medical schools for 40 years try to dress up talking ape negroes and try to make them doctors, but when pitted against the top asians , top jews, top whites, THREE STANDARD DEVIATIONS of IQ difference between a nigger medical school student and everyone else!


The solution? The US and Canadian government for over 40 years TOTALLY BANS the highest IQ candidates from ANY , yes ANY american or canadian medical school and uses a lottery system for high IQ candidates letting in only 30% or so, but 99% of feral negros of any normal IQ.

Asians and whites are routinely and systematically denied acceptance into USA medical schools DESPITE high GPA and High MCAT admission scores !

Its a system trying to uplift an impossible task of finding high IQ negroes to dress them up to play doctor.

400% more negro preference!:



*"For applicants to US medical schools between 2013-2016 with average GPAs (3.40 to 3.59) and average MCAT scores (27 to 29), black applicants were almost 4 times more likely to be accepted to US medical schools than Asians in that applicant pool (81.2% vs. 20.6%)" :

The US gov web site admits it in its own data on who they deny and who they admit. All low achieving negroes are admitted, and native americans, and illegal alien hispanics, but the smartest whites and smartest asians make blacks look bad, so for them its a lottery system. They are barred !


(use wayback machine, SJWs took it down) :

Compare pdf table "A-24.2: MCAT and GPA Grid for Black or African American Applicants and Acceptees" vs

A-24.3: MCAT and GPA Grid for Asian Applicants and Acceptees

Notice that in the medical schools banned (first 13 attempts) asians with score of 27-29 on mcat and GPA of 3.40-3.59 an astounding 79.4 percent of the time, yet if a person submitted a photo depicting african black features and passed a in person 3 judge review of black ethnicity, the low iq negro was accepted for the SAME scores and only rejected 18.8%

79.4 vs 18.8 ! Goddamned unbelievable, but its right there in that data pdfs!

Christian Whites also dramatically blocked from entering medical schools in the USA under Obama regime similar to asian (consult chart. Abomination!


MCAT of 39 to 45 , and a GPA of 3.00 or higher !!!! Really !!!! Look at the far upper right columns. Black people NEVER DENIED MEDICAL SCHOOL if they have any spec of white-man brains at all.

Conversely 30% of Asians with flawless MCAT test score and 4.00 GPA are banned from usa medical schools for their first 13 attempts or less under racist Obama regime.

MCAT&GPA categories in chart form, by race, 2013-2016. Shocking % Acceptances :


Lok at THAT!

Pre-obama it was still shocking (2010-2012), but not as insane :


or similar "far less racist" pre-obama , in 3D view :


During Obama it got far worse against asians in medical schools :

from : "Damning Chart Single-Handedly Takes Down Media's 'White Privilege' Narrative":


"2013 : For those students applying to medical school with average GPAs (3.40 to 3.59) and average MCAT scores (27-29), black applicants were almost FOUR TIMES more likely to be admitted than Asian applicants (81.0% vs. 22.5%)!":

AEI info : Acceptance rates at US medical schools in 2013 reveal racial profiling and affirmative discrimination for blacks, Hispanics


2016 : For those applicants to US medical schools last year with average GPAs (3.40 to 3.59) and average MCAT scores (27 to 29), black applicants were almost FOUR TIMES more likely to be admitted to medical school than Asians in that applicant pool (81.2% vs. 20.6%), and 2.8 times more likely than white applicants (81.2% vs. 29.0%). Likewise, Hispanic applicants to medical school with average GPAs and MCAT scores were more than twice as likely as whites in that applicant pool to be admitted to medical school (59.5% vs. 29.0%), and nearly three times more likely than Asians (59.5% vs. 20.6%). Overall, black (81.2%) and Hispanic (59.5%) applicants with average GPAs and average MCAT scores were accepted to US medical schools for the 2015-2016 academic year at rates (81.2% and 59.5% respectively) much higher than the 30.6% average acceptance rate for all students in that applicant pool

AEI info : Acceptance rates at US medical schools in 2015-2016 reveal ongoing racial preferences for blacks and Hispanics!:



Residency In Usa And Canada DENIED For High IQ Whites And High IQ Asians! DEAD DOCTORS!

Tragic case of Dr. Robert Chu shows plight of Canadian medical school grads : He killed himself for not being Black! No Residency for high achieving asian Robert Chu!: DEAD!:


Robert Chu killed himself for not being NIGGER!!


He is not ordering the racism to totally stop, but is ordering it to not be so much DEATH TO WHITEY

Sadly, the left is declaring TOTAL WAR on MATH AND SCIENCE, because MATH and PHYSICS are now termed RACIST in countless colleges and high school school boards because Negroes have not enough IQ to learn calculus or physics.


Try this search :


TL/DR : The highest IQ and highest MCAT score doctors practicing in USA are not only Asian, they were BANNED from attending a USA medical school despite being born in USA.... to not make niggers look like animals

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Don't screw with my head; I know what comes after that word.

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Data source?

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For some reason Voat is banning the VDare domain? But that's the original source. You can follow his link from UNZ to his original article on VDare. He gives the source for his numbers there and how he put it all together, etc.

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someone on the Left did a "Joe Job" on VDARe and deliberately posted a link to it 10 times in a row, forcing the admins to fall for the trick and ban VDARE for no valid reason.

Its trivial to pretend to be from a web site and post a lot of links to get it banned.

Shame on not unbanning VDARE here

A Joe Job is a simple troll tactic, and it worked here on voat.co, and will work again.


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yes, we can't use it if OP doesn't show source

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Yes. What source

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Assuming it’s true,

1. Lol niggers are retarded

2. But we’re equal, hey. AND DONT YOU DISAGREE

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"This obviously means the tests are racists"

- Average liberal fucktard

I saw a comment on Sailer that I found quite illuminating and sad. The commenter basically said that we can allow blacks and hispanics to completely remake the test into whatever questions they desire and within three years Whites and asians will outscore them on the same level as most standardized tests now.

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You know what is racist? Me.

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Affirmative action in all its sneaky guises is slowly destroying excellence in Western countries.

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