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Look, I’m confused on why someone would even post this Flat Earth garbage. It was proven a long time ago that the Earth is Hollow Sphere and filled with spiders.

Praise Lolth.

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People dont trust institutions anymore. They know theyve been lying to them a lot, they just dont know how much. Look at deceptive the cdc and who have behaved in this epidemic. People dont know whats true anymore.

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so much concern on here that we believe in (((science))) globe earth flying to mars and bringing back jurassic park. Steven Spielberg reality is the best reality

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You're falling into the flat-tard trap. They don't actually believe any of the bullshit they spew, they just want to make the rest of this site look like a bunch of conspiratorial retards. "See! You can't trust a thing those racist nazi flat-earthers say!"

It's called "discredit by association."

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I know several people in person who believe in the flat earth model, one of them even used to be a pilot when younger.

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I've met a couple. One was actual "oh honey, bless you're(sic) heart" trailer trash with a minor drug conviction and probation. The other was a Reynolds family heir, with lots and lots and lots of money, and he was fucking INSANE!

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it stays flat no matter how high you go

git gud spherecuck

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Can you explain what you mean?

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The sun would be either moving towards you and growing in size or moving away and shrinking. But it doesn't do that!

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If the sun moved in the arc needed to appear the same size while rotating around a 2-d plane, it would only appear so to the red dot on the map. To the person on the other side of the earth, the growing and shrinking effect would actually be worse.

EDIT: And it still would never pass the horizon.

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tl;dr globetard

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Flat = two-dimensional object (think picture on piece of paper) so you would not see the sun until it was over your head ... Git Gud Yourself ! (flatland logic)

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Do Your Own Ree Surch

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That's a lot of effort to put into something that the target audience will just outright dismiss.

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You can't "prove" anything to someone who is going to stick their fingers in their ears and say "LA-La-La-La" so they can't hear you.

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Everything you beleive is a theory or beleif. Nothing is made concrete by your senses. You can not sence the globe of the earth with your eyes.

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On a flat earth Australia and Europe would have day and night at the same times.

[–] Boocheus ago 

Ever considered that the sun needs to travel?

[–] nullifyNWO ago 

hahahahahaha - which airline do you propose? For the sun, to 'travel', hahahahaha

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Important to view the sun through a shaded lens. What you're actually seeing when you look directly at the sun is the corona.

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Sun's corona? That sounds like round-earther "science".

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What you're actually seeing when you look directly at the sun is the corona.

No, you're seeing the photosphere. The light from the corona still hits your eyes, but it's so utterly washed out by the glare from the photosphere that you can't see the corona without a total solar eclipse to block the photosphere or some special equipment.

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Corona? Like the virus? Covid co formed alien virus, shut the world down and give up your rights.

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I love these posts. I like reading the goats getting riled up, as well as their points. I've decided I don't know the answer and that's a sad thing in today's day and age. Shows just how bad things really are.

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Na just shows your a retard too

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Ok know it all nigger

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