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Says niggers in Africa average 80 IQ. I don't believe it. Based on their behavior, their history, what they've built, and previous testing, I'm going to stick with the conventional wisdom that says the average is around 70 IQ.

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Bellow 90 IQ people have hard time understanding written texts and books. People under 80 IQ are borderline impaired.

I have feeling you are not quite familiar about how IQ's bell curve are and how easy it is to score points into the average and how big of a difference between in IQ-s under 100....

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80? Sounds like they've gone up. All that violence and starvation must be removing the shittiest of them from their gene pool.

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I think it depends on who you are talking about in africa. There are your niger-congo speaking blacks that mostly come from west africa originally. There are the east africans from the horn and nile valley. Both these groups have been agriculturalists for a couple thousand years. Both these groups have IQs around 80. But there are a few others that were hunter-gatherers up till the last century, mostly the capoids/ khoisan. Their intellects are lower. So if you were testing in western S. Africa, you might get some of these lower IQ people.

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I think that is the top of the range!

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Of course its gone up.

IQ average of the general population increased all over the world in the last century, its called Flynn effect.

For example British children's average scores rose by 14 IQ points from 1942 to 2008.