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This, like 85% of everything else wrong with the black community (such as it can even be called a community) is because they have no fathers in their household.

What is the number up to now? 92% I think? What a horrific existence. No wonder they are all savages.

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Unsurprisingly, sexual assault rates skyrocket when there's no father in the household. Fathers protect their children. Single mothers' loser boyfriend is more likely to molest the kids than protect them.

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Single mothers ruin communities. Single mothers ruin nations

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Yes, very true, and not mentioned in that article.

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Imagine being raised by a single mother who is emotionally crazy...


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They don't behave any different in their native habitat of Africa. They are R-selected. They never have had a nuclear family.

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Imagine being raised by a single mother who is emotionally crazy...

and psychologically crazy

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My father was around but didn't know how to father as his wasn't around. My father provided but didn't know how to teach me about the world. Just sort of let me be. I had to learn to become a man on my own and that's not easy. Luckily I have my family that I want to make proud but if I didn't have family I could easily have went down the wrong path. I'm not black either, just pointing out the importance of a strong family household for children to become successful in life. Who destroyed the nuclear family? It's a rhetorical question because we know it was the Jews.

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how did you learn?

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She still tries to blame it on white people. She blames “maladaptive behavior” for such widespread abuse, and that likely is the cause of it. But why does that behavior exist? She says “systemic oppression” and appears to implicate schools. The real issue is lack of fathers and women having babies way too fucking young, with no intention of caring for those babies in a meaningful way.

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When we look at the black community, the prevalence of children being sexually abused is somewhat of a conundrum, because we have attributes of a collectivist culture.

Ivory tower academics with so much cognitive dissonance that they ignore that collectivism actively encourages abuse.

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Anytime an academic expresses confusion about a "conundrum", you know they are covering up something everybody knows is in plain sight. It is designed to gaslight you into disbelieving your common sense.

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She likely is genuinely confused. Academics get so lost in the weeds of their little theory-constructs that they stop being able to relate to reality.

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Lets not confuse assault with being a slut. They are encouraging teenage girls to be whores because “my sex is powerful” or whatever, and then incentivizing them to cry wolf when that strategy leaves them feeling unloved and used. I call bullshit.

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That's not pedos so much as it's just niggers being niggers. Holding an animal to human standards is just silly. I don't consider a raccoon that wanders into my yard a trespasser lmao

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Bahaha great analogy. Our dogs bark at em because they are trespassing!

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Niggers fuck their aunts as soon as the are old enough too. This is a very common thing. The mother encourages it.

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Repeat after me you faggots:



Repeat as many times as necessary, then go hysterically post abt muh "17yo child victims of underage child sex pedophilia grooming"

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The legal age in most euro countries is 14, 15. Plus sheboons are fully developed at 12

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Then it's normal.

Black females get their periods earlier, get pregnant easier, reach menopause earlier, have less life expectancy even if all other environmental aspects are adjusted.

Black people and white people share the same relationship as wolves and dogs. Canis lupus. Both. One is domesticated, playful, intelligent, long lived, colorful, social. Most importantly, they will remain playful after adulthood. The other is aggressive, rarely playful, and like all wild animals after reaching adulthood, focused on acquiring resources, territory and sexual partners.

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Thank you for describing the modern pathetic white american..docile cucks

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What do you think the American Civil War did? Removed hundreds of thousands of men willing to fight from the gene pool. That's unnatural selection in action - domestication.

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Black people and white people share the same relationship as wolves and dogs.

Ehhh, sort of. There's evidence white folk came from somewhere other than Africa. As well as evidence that wuhites have an admixture of Neanderthal DNA in them whereas mudbloods don't. It might very well be where we get our empathy and ability to work together.

So we might very well be very different species, far more so than wolfs and dogs as dogs came from wolfs and we have a good chance of not coming from the same ancestor as mudbloods, but a cousin of our ancestor did.

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Also bear in mind that they have been headed down their own evolutionary path for about 600,000 years or so. Their selection process produced very different results, but unsurprising if you look at silver fox breeding programs. The Russians took one group and selected for aggression toward humans. The foxes turned black and their ears shrunk. The domesticated foxes developed lighter spotted/mottled coats and floppy ears and tails. In humans, these domestication traits are most clearly seen in Anglos. Exaggerated facial features, trust in government to the point that they voluntarily disarmed themselves.

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Everyone has neanderthal DNA except subsaharan blacks and aussie abbos.

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You are close to the truth. What is a dog? I dog is a wolf that is emotionally in perpetual pre adolescence. The jew traind the white man to be perpetual kids. We worry about games and entertainment, instead of taking ownership of our territory

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Pedos, pedos ... Age 18

You're retarded. The concept of "legal age" is retarded. Fucking a 17yr 11months old isnt "pedophilia". Most of human history women have been married and impregnated way younger than that. It stops being pedophilia the moment they want to fuck and that starts mostly around 13 or 14.

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1.) Nigger females start fucking at age 10 and routinely fuck older teens and men.

2.) Rape is the national past time in Africa. It is so common that its hardly considered a crime. White do-gooders put up billboards on highways admonishing the local niggers not to rape.

3.) Incest between close and distant relatives is almost as common as rape in Africa.

4.) The natural "family" unit in Africa is lazy nigger fathers lounging around the village, occasionally fighting the next tribe or hunting, while the nigger women collectively raise children and do all the work. There is so much illicit fucking going on between villagers and so many gang bangs going on in the bush the fathers have no idea who their kids are and sometimes neither does the mother. Fathers end up fucking their own kids or their own siblings and don't even know it.

5.) In the USA Christian indoctrination of slaves and Jim Crow forced Niggers to adopt the forms of Christian marriage but it couldn't overcome their instincts. Sure niggers were married on paper but fathers routinely abandoned their wives and kids, husbands and wives cheated on each other with abandon, and nigger mothers raised her husbands kids, their lover's kids, their extended families kids, and their grands kids all considered "In-wedlock" births. After White Supremacy was smashed the Niggers gave up the pretense of marriage almost entirely and went back their natural ways except in Section 8 housing and White taxpayer footing the bill.

6.) So the response to reading "60% of Females are sexually assaulted by Age 18" is "No shit, Sherlock!"

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