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Just had my first child. My son was not circumcised and received no vaccines at all. He will never get one either.

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Im really not prepared to say that no vaccines are beneficial. They may be appropriate for some people in some situations, but the medical establishment is so fucking corrupt who could trust any of these products? Still no double blind placebo control studies for any of these vaccines.

What is the risk for autoimmune disease with these vax schedules? Why cant anyone do a proper study on this? They are hopelessly corrupt, and if there was any doubt, the whole covid hydroxychloroquine quarantine fiasco prooved it.

PS congrats dad.

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There is NO PROOF whatsoever that ANY vaccine has ever been beneficial. Read about the history of vaccines and you will find eugenics being behind its origin and promotion.

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It is heavily dependent on need. One size fits all is entirely inappropriate.

If these vaccines are necessary, and I don't believe many are, delayed schedule still makes more sense, just due to bodyweight factors alone.

What are the exposure rates of children to HepB? Likelihood of injury requiring tetanus? etc. For the most part these are unnecessary viral and metal loads the child doesn't need.

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I totally agree. I think about the long term effects vaccines will have on the human race as well. How do we know they won't hurt us in the long run and make us vulnerable? We just don't know. I'd rather raise a healthy child and show him proper hygiene than be bullied with fear campaigns into injecting am unknown substance into my son.

Thank, it's honestly the best fucking thing that's ever happened in my life. My wife is such a good mother too. She wants to have more kids already so I'm excited.

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here’s the hilarious thing about the concurrence of events: it has irrecoverably exposed germ theory of disease as an racist ideological construct. look at the terminology ffs, unless you ritualistically wash your hands and obey the experts, foreign invaders break into the borders of you clean and proper body, raping your cells impregnating them until they explode and a horde of virus babies overrun your body to kill you unless your heroic white blood cells are supreme with the help of a little aborted nigger injection from bill gates.

some racist civil war white dudes made some observations and passed down a story to us that was just their interpretation seen through their racist glasses and that falls apart when you question it or have it account for all this crazy data.

There’s a whole lotta shit about germ theory stated as fact that there was no evidence of, never proven, just the best explanation they could give at the time. They haven’t at all explained how clusters popped up early in the pandemic despite having no contact with anyone from china or any travel. Either the shit was entirely fake or viruses are information carriers produced by the body itself like pheromones but the opposite.

pheromones/viruses being a yin/yang thing would explain a fuck ton of shit, effectiveness of herbs and roots traditional medicines, no more evolutionary or spread mysteries since we produce them ourselves based on social and biome information and events.

More damage is done by inflammation and cancer from vaccines because your immune system gets lazy and those viruses would have cleared out cancer cells and taught the immune system how to kill more of them.

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The lack of medical studies on long term effects of circumcision is even more shocking than the vaccine studies.

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This topic is something that angers me to the core. My son is uncut and I wish I was too. I know my parents were only doing what was normal at the time but I wish they hadn't. I just don't see how removing dick skin is something you want your brand new baby to experience the first day he is in this world. It's so fucked. And I'm not even touching on any of the aspects the child experiences. Just as a parent how can you think this is ok? My son had his eyes open the moment he came out and I looked into his eyes and knew I would die and kill for him. How a parent can knowingly mutilate thier child is beyond me.

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Nope. No need.

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You're a good father.

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Thanks I'm still a new father but all I do is think about my son. Even to the point where I don't hold my phone while with him. I don't want him noticing me staring at this rectangle all the time while he grows up. I don't want him to think it's more important than he is or something

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Not much of an anti-vaccer myself but I do recognize that some of the shit they put in those things other than the vaccine can be seriously dangerous. Prof. Dolores Cahill made some mentions of it here. She said something about replacing all that crap with simple mineral oil or somesuch. I would like to see that option available, just the vaccine and a simple harmless substrate like a saline solution.

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I've heard no vaccine has undergone a double blind inert placebo controlled study, so why take the risk anyway? Especially when the manufacturer is immune.

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And they need to do some long term studies, 5, 10, 15 year follow ups.

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"But if we don't use preservatives they will be super expensive, if we don't clean them with formaldehyde they will be risky, if we don't hyperstimulate the immune system with adjuvants they won't work..."

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The aluminum additive hyperactivates your immune system to react to the virus material in the vaccine. But it also may be inducing auto-immune syndromes that ruin people’s lives.

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The issue is the preservatives I think

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Could be. Healthy home-made bread goes bad in a day or two. The shit from walmart however lasts weeks.

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Developmental delay= retardation, they use that term or "autism" now.

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You could say the same about any child that isn't suffering from undernourishment.

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I often wonder if that is the real culprit...

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If anything, vaccines administered to malnourished populations, as was likely the cause of India's most recent Polio outbreak. You expose a disease to a person with a body already weakened from starvation, you're giving the disease a perfect host to better adapt to the human immune system. In that body it adapts and then spreads among the starving population to wreck havoc upon the community.

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I have heard that it is less harmful if the schedule isn't quite so aggressive and it's spaced out more.

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Poison is poison

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No it's not. The danger is in the dose.

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If vaccines were so safe then why do the jew mouthpieces demonize non-compliant people so much? I wouldn’t trust anything they vouch for. I never get sick or visit the doctors in the first place. Good genetics, exercise, & a healthy diet are more than enough, especially when you’re young like me

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The lead author has degrees in chemical engineering. The paper is in an open-source journal." allowed for the calculation of unadjusted observational associations" = "we think we saw something".

LAAAAARGE grain of salt with this "study".

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