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Atheists love science which has become its own religion. They pretend to be superior but don't realize they themselves have a belief system

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They don’t love science. At all. They love what they think science tells them. They only love the science that gives them what they want, because it isn’t science, it’s the outcome. They want global climate change to be real and man-made, that has nothing to do with a love of science. It’s the outcome, not the science. They just think it’s “good science” because someone on the Internet told them it is.

I can prove it: They dismiss any evidence that doesn’t fit their worldview. They dismiss data that contradicts their opinions.

It doesn’t compute for them that hundreds, possibly thousands of scientists disagree.

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This is my entire point but thank you for spelling it out haha

[–] TripleZ ago 

Neil Degassy said it's true so it's true. What's wrong with you son?

[–] Interim ago 

They also cannot know the data they accept on the surface is actually aimed at them to eliminate them from the face of the earth, they worship as ‘mother’

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So what "evidence" does not fit the "scientific worldview" exactly?

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Nonsense, some of us merely accept scientific claims provisionally. Obviously science is not entirely wrong since we have microscopes, jets, open heart surgery, etc. Doesn't mean that we view science as infallible.

Of course we have belief systems. I believe in the competition of species... survival in a hostile world. The most well suited to an environment are the ones who tend to survive, and your goal as an individual is to help your group win the battle of group selection. Part of that involves knowing more about your environment in order to shape it in ways that are beneficial. Hence, engineering and science. But those have no eschatology, no religious function.

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The faith that men of science have is called ontological naturalism or scientific materialism. It asserts that there is nothing beyond the material world and no influences on the world that cannot be measured. It asserts that physical law is always the same in all space and time. These are not falsifiable ideas, therefore they are not scientific, therefore they are faith-based.

I understand the pragmatism of embracing these beliefs, but it's wholly unnecessary to believe this in order to advance actual science, and their gnostic atheist faith system could be preventing important discoveries about erratic phenomena, like psychic events. Actual science is a process of hypotheses and reproducable observations (often generated by controlled experiments).

It's not a religion because it does not have symbolic rituals or moral judgments. It is a faith. Unfortunately, people have been usurping the authority of science in order to push moral frameworks on the population.

The most rational position based on the evidence is agnosticism. We don't fucking know, and anyone who says they do doesn't. The most rational position based on personal outcomes is religious.

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Not for you. You're intelligent. Science is terrific. I think the problem people have is with people who "heard something somewhere" and decide they grasp whatever they think science is. They turn their understanding into a group of beliefs that very much function as a faith of sorts, since they base it on nothing but belief in what someone else told them. They aren't in the lab, you know what I mean? They "saw a documentary" or "heard it on CNN" and have absolutely nothing but someone else's assurance to go on. Sometimes they're even right. Doesn't mean they should thump their chest about science - they don't know anything about science!

I've seen some dumb motherfuckers argue with someone about genetic variation or heredity without realizing they were talking to an actual geneticist. Many of those people cling to their beliefs harder than any Baptist ever clung to their Bible and their gun.

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You are correct sir but what "science" has become is anything but objective. It's merely another controlled view manipulated by (((them))). That's why although you have scientists who do correct work you end up with Greta thumburg or whatever her name is. It's a farce. Actual scientists are silenced just as much as white nationalists because we all speak the truth, the one thing (((they))) are trying to hide

[–] RazSimonesDreadlocks ago 

But those have no eschatology, no religious function.

What makes you so sure? Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuKwz0MEawI (3 mins) and if that intrigues you, check out Dr. Deep States' (Dr. Doug Haugen) book or channel on youtube, and ponder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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You got that wrong. Their "religion" isn't science. Its "wokeness" for the lack of a better word. The parallels are frigtening.

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That's my point. Like Christ himself they subverted science and made it into something completely different but people think they follow science. The fact that I have to explain my comment tells everyone who understands that most of you don't live in reality.

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Religion is based on interpreting fables in a stone age book, basically making things up. Science is based on evidence and the scientific method. If you do bad science someone can come along and prove you wrong in a definitive and replicable manner.

The fact your posting this on a phone or computer is probably lost on you completely. Do you think those objects were willed into existence through prayer you fucking christfag brainlet?

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Your dumb and are using my point incorrectly. Science and Christianity are not in conflict with each other. Dumb ass. Also if you read an unfucked version of the Bible from Europe when it was in Latin you would know what it really said. But I can assure everyone here you don't read Latin. I took it for 4 years just to read the Bible to confirm what others have said. But go ahead and deny your heritage. Fucking tard. You and everyone else that denies the Bible buys into jewish lies and here you are without the full picture thinking you have me.

[–] checks-out ago 

This was beautiful

[–] Hand_of_Node ago 

The fact your posting this on a phone or computer is probably lost on you completely.

What crushing self-ownage.

[–] Scablifter ago 

Most peophiles are athiests

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Of course they're becoming more gullible. Humans need religion. In the absence of established religion they will latch onto a different one. The cancel cult is a religion through and through. It just doesn't market itself as one. It markets itself as The Truth, just as Christianity used to.

Religions are symbiotic memeplexes that enhance survivability in the populations that adopt them (though not necessarily the survivability of individuals). Evolution determines which religions rise and fall.

Please note that the only religions that survived competition over the centuries had certain common features:

  1. A patriarchal society, where only men rule.
  2. The subservience of women in the home and public life.
  3. Rejection of homosexuality with lethal force.
  4. The command "be fruitful and multiply" in one form or another.
  5. Leaders and men who are humble before God.
  6. Civility towards members of your religion.
  7. Skepticism and wariness towards non-members (often rejecting interreligious friendships).

And many more. Any that you can think of?

[–] RazSimonesDreadlocks ago 

Kevin MacDonald’s 'Individualism & the Western Liberal Tradition' would fascinate you. Religion can be framed as an evolutionary strategy - some adaptive, some maladaptive. (Linux doesn't have 'maladaptive' in it's dictionary? Oh how the mighty have fallen.)

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It wasn't wrong then, it's not wrong now. People who believe in nothing will believe anything.

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One of the problems is we didn't pay attention to science. Natural selection in humans has been blunted since the mid 19th Century because of advances in public infrastructure an medicine. The dumbest, craziest and least fit have multiplied! Should have listened to Galton!

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Most people need some sort of belief system. Atheists and agnostics run the risk of replacing religion with liberal beliefs.

[–] nullifyNWO ago 

'no man is without religion' - martin heidegger. ... this is where the devil/the propagandists attack with ideologies like socialism, islam, feminism, freudian psychology, green deal etc etc etc

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It is also the basis for all Western derived freedoms and civilization as you know it.

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What is going on now has been going on for thousands of years since mankind civilized. The only difference is at Christianity's height it was them doing the brutalizing.

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Christianity had a definite dampening effect on warlike nations. Do you know why the Vikings stopped their depredations, for example? It's at least partly because they became a Christian nation.

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it appears they also just ran out of steam. They gave up as a people after the defeat at Poltava, I believe.

The Swedish interest in Christianity is overstated. Almost every commentator that I have read said that Swedes were lukewarm Christians at best, not really believing deeply in the faith.

[–] Kingleopold2 ago 

100% accurate. These same woke retards now were the people doing the same thing under religious pretenses instead of woke communism. The social phenomenon is identical. A rigid orthodoxy emerges and npcs use it as a pretext to enhance their own social standing while simultaneously the orthodody allows them to deem others heretical. This then gives them opportunity to exercise socially approved power and violence against the heretic.

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This is a woefully ignorant and indoctrinated idea

[–] hooiwka ago 

Of course we have belief systems. I believe in the competition of species... survival in a hostile world.

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