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for up to billions or years

They can store your data in space but they can't proof read their homepage copy.

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Bill nye on advisory board, what would you expect.

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Microsoft and wikimedia are partners.

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Its cuz they stored the original document slready in space before the spellcheck haha.. They need a few months to lower the storage and to fix the mistake now. Hahaha

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You beat me to it...spelling errors from an entity that presents itself as the guardian of wisdom and knowledge leave one in a state of cognitive dissonance. But yeah, metaphorically, the advanced 1st world cannot afford another Alexandria 48BC, imagine what was lost in that fire, 1,000 years of temporal stagnation...this next round is going to be a little more expansive. The (((goblins))) combined the last 3,000 years of humanity's past and extrapolated a genocidal strategy perfected by past behavior...mind manipulation and thought control does more damage than bullets and bombs.

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That wasn't a grammar mistake. Maybe billions of something; maybe just years.

[–] european ago 

Surely or should be of

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Bill Nye - CEO, The Planetary Society... is on the advisory board. This company is NOT what you think it is.

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good catch. do not trust them.

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Aliens are gonna get the sex junk video, aren't they? The Earth had a good run.

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Bill Nye the faggot guy. Little fucking cuck

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There's a lot of truth in this idea. Buying physical books of important information is a great start. I highly recommend you all purchase a pre-1958ish Encyclopedia set. Old histories of the world and dictionaries are also good. Plus buy reference manual books, full of important equations. How to garden, basic things like that.

[–] beefartist ago 

Yeah but how do I get them into space?

[–] observation1 ago 

what happened in 1959?

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It's when jews updated the encyclopedias to include the (((holohoax))).

[–] Empire_of_the_mind ago 

the answer is always jews

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The new dark ages started in the sixties, add in the dumbed down population, its not coming its here.

Books that show skills, how to do practical things growing a food garden are all important resources, Books do not need a computer, they dont need an external power source and they dont get viruses. Yard sales can be a great source of older books A basic survival library can be had for very few dollars.

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It seemed to start once we had

Females voting

Blacks not segregated into their own town/state

Non whites importing into the nation

Group rights


Pandering to women/children/non white/old people

Abortion + the pill

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1913 Federal Reserve Act was the disease

[–] ardvarcus 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Basically, when people drifted away from Christianity and became atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists. The loss of moral guidelines and a basic foundation of accepted absolute truths undermined Western societies. When people believe in nothing, they will believe anything.

[–] wonderfuldonut ago 

Yes true, however some of us recognize what is at play

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Books can't be remotely edited or removed from your device either.

[–] wonderfuldonut ago 

So true, sadly less and less are getting published year on year.

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If archive is expecting an inevitable shoah, what should we be grabbing up first? I already got all my favorite Dreamcast roms covered. Anything else?

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Jet set raddiooooo

[–] JustGuessing ago 

Chu Chu Rocket

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Just have local copies of things. No online cloud storage can preserve things.

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The Open Internet has been under attack for years.

"The Dark Net [IE..TOR]" has been under attack and silent attack for years.

ALOT of the exit nodes from TOR..... THEY ARE under the control of the US Intelligence Agencies...have been for years.

But alot of the people today that are staring to use TOR don't understand it.

Yes we need to start buying CD/DVD Discs and protecting the internet we know today...so we can rebuild it after it gets divided

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this is run by kikes i'm sure

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Store this: Hitler was right. Jews are the devil. Niggers are a plague.

[–] Phuc_Dat_Bich ago 

This comment ha been archived by the NSA for posterity.

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