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Academia is a fortress, that's why.

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It doesn't take much observation to verify the process of evolution. It's becomes blatantly obvious to anyone with an IQ over 100 that spends a month or two in Nature. I think epigenetics has more of an effect than randim mutations though.

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But does Man descend from apes? Are we defined by our bodies?

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We and apes descended from the same thing

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Because it contradicts a book written by jews a few thousand years ago.

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And you take no issue with the Jewish-run, ACLU offerring to defend anyone that attacked that 'book written by Jews'?

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I take issue with anyone who denies evidence because it does not agree with what some desert nigger wrote down a long time ago. Just because one jew claims some other jew's trick is bad, doesnt mean either of them are right.

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Scope's Trial FTW !!

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) offered to defend anyone accused of teaching the theory of evolution

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At the time people objected to the idea of people being related to apes, even though that's not what Darwin said. People couldn't imagine going back say 250,000 generations or so to the 1st humans. Besides there was the Christian Bible story contradicting Darwin.