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I hate the current trend of naming things that way, it's such a current year nigger thing to do. I've only ever heard liberal women and soymen say those things

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shitsrael will become a nuclear crater as they have stepped on to MAny tOes... is this better bAbes!!!

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If the moon were to leave its earth orbit, life on earth would change significantly. Think no tides for one thing.

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Isn't the energy calculation solvable? We should know whether the moon will escape or the earth will become tidally locked to the moon. Why isn't this calculation in the article?

[–] madhatter67 ago 

Interesting story..... it suggests that inner rocky planets escape from being moons of gas giants.....just like Velikovsky was saying 70 odd years ago

Of course, they aren't going the whole hog and seem to think it's all driven by gravitation

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I'm having trouble with the orbital mechanics. How would a moon get an orbital height from the sun thats significantly lower than its planet's orbit?

[–] madhatter67 ago 

It's not going to happen under gravity alone for sure.....but might be possible in an electric universe