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Not possible. They sign every climate treaty put in front of them. /s


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https://archive.ph/dak2S :

2019-07-10 | Chinese air pollution dimmed sunlight enough to impact solar panels | Ars Technica

'According to new research, China’s coal-driven air pollution is significantly reducing the output of solar panels by dimming the Sun. '

'That tracks the increasing particulate air pollution due to coal-burning power plants and manufacturing—as well as biomass burning—that has only recently been addressed. '

'The researchers found that, over the entire record between about 1960 and 2015, the average potential solar generation declined by about 13%. '

'The change wasn’t the same everywhere, though, as air pollution and local conditions varied. '

'These included industrial centers in the east but also some clearer high-elevation areas in the west where a small amount of air pollution can have a big impact. '

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