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The leftists don't know when to stop pushing ... sort of like another insane fringe group, the Jews ... so their attack on academia was never going to stop with the soft social sciences, it was always headed for total dominance over the hard sciences. You will see politically correct mathematics before this is over, mark it down you heard it here first. These "progressive" liberals can't reason. They don't recognize the supremacy of truth. To them, "truth" is just something you use as a weapon when convenient, or otherwise work around. Unless stopped, they will corrupt everything, if they haven't already done so. They are the enemy. They need to be treated as the enemy. No quarter should be given.

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I think the PC math has already started. It could have been a photo shopped joke but I saw a picture of a grade school teacher showing two equations that were "equally correct" when one clearly wasnt. Ive been trying to tell people lately that liberalism makes you dumber, because you are told what to think and what is socially acceptable your mind becomes lazy from not having to figure out what is right and wrong on your own.

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Not just liberalism itself. Also ways of interacting with children in school. The schools that had children working on tablets seemed immensely dumbed down. The children had no clue how to write, do mathematics, or work together really. Instead they look for the red wriggly lines in word, use the calculator, or play games. And when something's up, they immediately try to Google it or go to their teacher rather than figuring it out on their own. And no going outside during recess because the tablet keeps them busy enough. The setup for liberal idiots begins at "modern and exemplary" schools as well, where the children really only are taught to rely on their tablet and go to their teacher. Don't know about data, but went to different schools for some research project. There was an immense difference between the kids who write by hand, and those that just wipe a screen.

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The Truth these Progressives see is a Truth to Use You and Your Children. Like Communism raped and Murdered Russians, Please excuse my harsh Language.

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Jessica Alice Feinmann Wade

Probably just a coincidence.

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Every. Fucking. Time.

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Yes, science is 'racist' so, away with it!

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She's ugly enough to be two people.

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It's time to beat these ugly mongrels.

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Great article. Another shapeshifter.

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What kind of goblina...

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is she ovulating?!.