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Perfect, lets give all our kids hormone blockers and cannabis oil!

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Thats like saying we should give all our kids chemotherapy and radiation treatment because it can kill cancer. 2 IQ post.

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I'm being sarcastic about how there's a trend to fuck up little kid's bodies, don't make me pound you.

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CBD oil Cures Cancer

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I wish I had an adequate understanding of neuro science so I could explain how ingesting the active chemicals in Marijuana can disrupt mind control conditions. It's got something to do with how we associate memories with feelings or ideas. It's really interesting.

But the plant does absurd amounts for humans. The uses are so widely attuned to us that the plan even interacts very closely with the endocannabinoid system in our brains (oops I meant body not just the brain). See, the plant itself produces something called phytocannabinoids. It's almost like the plant was made for us.

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Fuck I love that shit once in a while. It is just when it is pushed on the youth so hard while they are in school is what pisses me off.

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Dude weed lmao!

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Love the cognitive dissonance behind limiting THC.

Being stressed out by life saving research because THC is both good and bad; incarceration weighing more heavy on the minds of doctors than saving human life because some kids might take a gateway drug, move on to safer medications like oxy or xanax, and then overdose to death.

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Please watch out for shitty CBD products however.... lots of MLM Karens peddling snake oil.

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BS that it needs to be kept at .3% to be legal in all 50 states. This should be upped to a bit more to keep it just under intoxifaction while reeling in the syngergistic benefits of it and CBD.

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I know from my own experience that cbd oil and especially cbd vape can relieve chronic pains, migraines and post traumatic syndrome. Cannabidiol also helps to cope with epilepsy seizures, so I do believe it is effective to treat other seizures, too.

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