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It’s pure coincidence that white male sperm counts have been cut in half in the last 70 years.

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No, it's because you're overweight, you don't get enough exercise, you have a carb-rich diet, and you need to avoid things high in natural estrogens.

If you are a male who struggles with weight gain on traditionally feminine parts of your body (chest, hips), if you have wide, flat, pancake nipples and are losing your hair early, if you often find yourself being more emotional (this can include anger); it's possible you need to get some bloodwork done to check your hormone levels, because us lasses have been pissing the pill into your water for forty years and some of you are experiencing symptoms of feminization.

These are reversible and treatable; it's usually just a case of a) cutting out certain foods and possibly medications/ supplements (male? don't eat soy!), b) working out more to encourage your natural testosterone, and c) possibly looking into androgenic supplements.

If this rings a bell, go see a doctor.

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You can't deny the effects of things that mimic estrogen like BPA, atrazine, etc.

Glyphosate is liver toxic and kills the bacteria in the gut, which is necessary for health. Who knows what else it affects, it's hard to get good data when the industry funds most of the studies.

BT endotoxins, there is evidence these are harmful to humans, why wouldn't they be?

Read about PFOS, you probably won't sleep tonight.

There are so many man made chemicals in our environment now that every person on Earth has toxins inside them, none of them are benign.

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No, it's because you're overweight, you don't get enough exercise, you have a carb-rich diet, and you need to avoid things high in natural estrogens.


…us lasses have been pissing the pill into your water for forty years and some of you are experiencing symptoms of feminization.

So… whose fault is it?

androgenic supplements.

Glad you listed that last. An artificial fix for an artificial problem should only be a last resort.

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Sleep and alcohol consumption are big ones too.

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No, it's because you're overweight, you don't get enough exercise, you have a carb-rich diet, and you need to avoid things high in natural estrogens.

Meanwhile, some of the populations hit hardest are the nordics where trends for physical exercise are stronger now than in decades. Medical consensus here seems to tilt in the direction of hormone disruptions during gestation with mothers using an abundance of creams, cosmetics and other "health" products, damaging male fetuses.

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"soy boy" is no joke.

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That phrase is banned on 4chan

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I've been researching a lot of foods. The goal of the agriculture sector is not to produce healthy foods, otherwise their standards of testing would be much more strict and the supply chain of food would be lower than the demand. Most GMOs can cause health problems, not immediately, but over time and constant use. That's the whole point. The goal is to build up poisons in your system slowly over time, to poison thinking and prevent you from making intelligent and well thought out decisions. When you can't think accurately about your food, you tend to just eat whatever is in front of you.

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you tend to just eat whatever is in front of you

I don't. I avoid soy and corn. Especially HFCS. I also try to avoid Fluoride as much as possible.

When it became abundantly obvious that the political class despise common people and are conspiring against us, I realized I can no longer trust a single thing they say or do. Likewise for most (((corporations))). Farmers just grow whatever pays the bills and Monsanto have gamed the system to ensure more and more of them grow their GMO filth.

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The sad part is GMO isn't inherently bad. The tech could be utilized to create more nutritious food with higher yields. But nooooo

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Then you are more intelligent than most, and I congratulate you. But for someone who eats loads of processed foods all day, sits on the couch doing nothing during free time, and does little exercise, the poison that they are building in their intestines diminishes their ability to think critically and independently. They seek to return to the hamster wheel of failure and unending misery.

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HFCS has detectable levels of mercury in it, so yeah avoid that one. The reason for that is it's processed using a mercury containing catalyst.

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HFCS is in fucking everything these days. even products like salami, if pre packaged, will have HFCS for no damn reason.

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Our overlords see us GOYIM as just a stage in the meat production racket. Cattle, goyims, pigs, always fed the lowest quality most mass produced garbage so they may be fattned up for meat, milk, or wars.

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What element specific to GMOs do you theorize cause health problems? It's certainly theoretically possible that food can be genetically modified to produce or absorb higher amounts of toxins (oxidants, perhaps?) to make the population weaker and less healthy by design or by accident.

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I honestly have no idea. I need to look into the subject more before I can give you some more information.

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It's more the fact that they are modified to be able to be loaded with MASSIVE amounts of pesticides, which do not dissipate magically when harvested.

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I think it's much less schizophrenic to realize that GMOs are cheaper but also shittier. The next step past pesticides, essentially. More money means it's easier to bribe government officials to allow your shitty food into the marketplace. Corporate fascism.

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There is also the more general problem that foods are grown in nutrient-poor soils. Supplement with boron, magnesium and zinc.

No need to buy expensive supplements for boron. Go to the cleaning section of your supermarket and get borax and make a drink from it (search for recipes). Same with magnesium. You can buy it in crystal form on line. Really cheap.

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The linked article itself concludes that the study is bogus, due to tiny sample sizes. Read to the end.

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Hmm, that was a poor choice of link. This one would have been better:

The very scholars, researchers, and scientists accusing Seralini, Surov, and Ermakova of bad science are often guilty of advocating the widespread cultivation and consumption of genetically modified material after nodding at or performing themselves 90-day trials, assuming that the absence of side effects in what isn’t even a generation for a rat is evidence of safety in lifetime consumption by humans. Many, no doubt, are patted on the back for speaking against anti-GM movements by Big Agriculture and even the US government, repeated found deep in bed with industry.

The are other studies showing similar results, including the one done with rats I linked above. Also, bear in mind that a lot of the (((resistance))) to anti-Monsanto sentiments is from Monsanto themselves. Much like the sugar and tobacco industries.

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Indeed your linked article may itself be a lie in its smackdown. The group size isn't specified; if it's with a hundred mice per group then sample size certainly isn't n=1.

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Indeed. I expected better from the comments but you’re the only one to point this out.

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Boom! Debunked. Go eat your soy bitchez...

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Another study from 2015 done on rats shows similar results: https://www.globalresearch.ca/new-study-finds-gmo-corn-makes-rats-infertile/5459913

Why are the (((media))) not talking about this, even when soy protein and lecithin are being added to everything from baby food to chocolate....?

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You nose why.

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Why would jews tell whites about their own genocide.

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Also health & beauty products, especially ones that are put onto the skin and absorbed.

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quoting the conclusion from the link provided

The results of this Russian study provide no evidence that the differing diets these hamsters were fed played any role in the different outcomes observed. Keep in mind that the predominant use of genetically modified soy around the world is as animal feed. Had chickens or dairy cattle started producing fewer offspring as a result of the genetically modified soy in their feed it would have long ago been recognized by the farming community. Perhaps unfortunately for the animals bound to suffer in our factory farms, there is no such sterilizing effect of genetically modified soy in their diets.

[–] OneOfTheBoys ago 

the predominant use of genetically modified soy around the world is as animal feed.

Is it though? Even if it is the predominant finishing food (foods eaten to fatten them up just before slaughter) that is a lot different to the main food of breeding animals before they are bred.

I agree about the small sample size but can't be bothered to translate and read the whole article and then search for the images the blogger found but didn't share to analyze this study properly. But why not show me a good quality, long term/multi generational study that gives evidence that GMO is safe.

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(((They))) still legalize it for the goyim

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Shhh. Voat likes to.think it's literate.

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Eat organic or grow your own food. Read the food labels on the back. Avoid anything that says "Engineered" or "Modified". No "partially hydrogenated" at all. Anything with a paragraph's worth of ingredients is bound to be mostly chemicals so ditch those too. You will feel so much better once these chemicals are gone from your system.

There are organic options of pretty much every food now. Ice cream, frozen dinners, snacks, soup, whatever. It really is worth the extra money knowing that you're eating something decent instead.

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Unless organic is as good of a solution as Trump

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Nothing is marketed as "soy" anymore...it is "beyond meat" or "plant based". "Veggie burgers" have been soy bean shit for years. Oprah started this shit years ago...here is a tip dumb cunts: don't trust nutrition or fitness advice from someone who can afford the best trainers, food, medicine, and surgery and is still a disgusting looking pig.

PS Call me crazy but the whole OPRAH/HARPO productions thing (the story is her parents wanted to name her Harpo but were "dumb niggers and couldn't figgers" it out) is satanic advertisement. Isn't it odd how many low IQ detroit niggers have become some of the highest paid and highest placed people in America? Lesbian daytime TV cunt title was surreptitiously claimed by Oprah years before Ellen danced her way (poorly) into America's dumb vaginabrains.

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Time to bankrupt Monsanto by declaring every product they produce a health hazard. This company makes ISIS look like the Boy Scouts. #terroristorganization

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