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If these "scientists" are so smart, why couldn't they read the "Settled Science" sign on the wall?

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They can't read hebrew.

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"The science is settled!" is probably the most unscientific thing someone can say.

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Um, excuse me... the science is a consensus!

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'If you're so smart' is always a killer start to a battle of wits. My mother loves that one.

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So many Settled issues are about to be re-examined. This will be all sorts of things from cosmology to history.

for more than 100years now people have been trying to make scenes of space by only using Einsteins model of gravity. So when they see something that does not make scene they simply add more gravity. black holes and dark matter.

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And to a physicist with a theory of gravity, everything looks like mass.

You should know by now that our recent and ancient stories of history are lies. 6million.

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Another thing that is interesting is the ancient belief in 5 elements.....which correspond to the states of matter....spirit or aether being the plasma that permeates all ...and how in the 20th century that concept was rejected by mainstream science...I really think it's time it came back

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That sounds clever but doesn't actually mean anything because you have no understanding of either maths or physics, you miserably maladapted evolutionary relic. My children will enslave your children and force them to attend school.

[–] madhatter67 ago 

So very true....isn't it strange....who could possiibly have such a vested interest in promoting the lies of a purely materialistic universe and civilisation starting in the middle East 6000 odd years ago?

Also interesting that so many open minded non professional truth seekers are the ones that are actually moving human understanding forwards and the attempts made to shut them down

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I've been arguing against this nonsense my entire adult life. Its good to see some vindication. Its a bit frightening to me that this climate hysteria got this big.

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The other day I searched for "Fuck Climate Change" t-shirts. Every t-shirt result came up in support of climate change.

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Isn't it amazing how much of what is considered "settled" and "incontrovertible" in popular discourse is actually just made up (((bullshit))) shoved down our throats artificially 24/7 365?

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Mark Dice has a “I heart global warming” shirt, close but not quite.

[–] madhatter67 ago 

I think "fake climate change" would be a better one

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There might be a reason for that.

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Retards are easily lead....

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How do you feel about bits of Greenland falling off, or the loss of the polar bear? How will you feel if you turn out to be wrong, and realize this just as an awful lot of water starts cascading into your home? Or your kid dies of a simple infection?

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I lost it at "bits of Greenland falling off" lolol

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The discussion is CLOSED, I tell you, CLOSED!!! Science should be spearheaded by a politician, quickly arrive at a consensus opinion through heavy funding, and then no more discussion shall commence. Any and all disagreement shall be SHAMED!!! How dare you continue to question things in the realm of science!

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No; science should be spearheaded by blue-haired tackle faces with an abnormally large and over-active amygdala. Emotions over logic; that's what I say!

[–] ketoll ago  (edited ago)

Here-here, my fellow overactive amygdala activist! We shall christen this moment with another piercing and a soy latte!

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"Exaggerated" would be one way of putting it. Completely absurd is what I'd say. The entire man-made global warming narrative is a lie.

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Maybe true, but don't take that to mean we shouldn't take pollution seriously. Obviously the answer isn't paying more taxes to various pretend environmental causes, but it is noble to care for and protect the wellbeing of our Earth.

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This is the problem with climate alarmism. It prevents us from dealing with the real problems in real ways.

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"Climate change" became the #1 "Ignore all other issues" environmental priority once people started to realize that the megacorporations were getting away with poisoning us and our kids https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5017538/

"No goyim, focus on your own impact and the small to midsized businesses that we can ant regulated out of existence so that you can stop making those pesky choices and forcing us to buy them"

[–] GingersAreEvil ago 

Apart from all the heatwaves.

[–] HoneyTrap1488 ago  (edited ago)

Oh shit, that's some highly rigorous science you got there. How did these professors and researchers miss this? Better start jacking up the (((carbon taxes))).

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"unjustifiably exaggerated", "not realistic"

huh. that seems to be a common theme with globohomo mythology. muh 6 million polar bears.

[–] lovewhoyouare ago 

global warming is obviously real, but it's exaggerated and used as a moral crisis, a crusade in order for global plutocratic leaders to control the world. this way they can put down germany, just yesterday voat had a comedy thread from a real headline about how they are "burning too much coal." they can create new taxes, new ways to get involved in our everyday lives. everyone always buys up this shit, same thing in history repeats itself.

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no...climate change is obviously a thing....it's always happened, and to a far greater degree than humans might have influenced it recently

global warming on the other hand is only proven if you are selective about which data you use, and the cause is just as likely to be solar activity cycles as man made

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That's partly because if we don't at least attempt to be a bit more balanced and use resources in a better way, it will get considerably worse and affect more people. Sure, you could call the incidents we've seen isolated, but when people are losing their homes to natural disaster, can you blame the scientific community for trying to make people understand that if you shit on something, it shits back?

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Theoretically, if God is real and theoretically, if he used severe weather conditions as a sign to repent, climate change would be a fantastic way to get people to ignore these signs.

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Boy it sure would! Lots of opportunities to lead the faithful astray too! We are watching a very interesting time my man. Never before in the history of mankind have we all been able to communicate with each other, regardless of distance. Whatever happens, is watched, judged and picked over collectively.

If I've learned anything about the internet it's that it's #1 purpose is lies. It is the greatest facilitator of lies since Satan himself.

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Never before in the history of mankind have we all been able to communicate with each other

There was one point in time where all the humans could communicate with each other to coordinate as a single entity.

Everybody decided to build a big tower to illegally immigrate into heaven. You can imagine how God reacted.

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If I've learned anything about the internet it's that it's #1 purpose is lies.

Depends how you look at it friendo. I see it the other way around. I think that it was a lot easier to lie and deceive when they were able to control information. For instance, the recent "attack" from Iran. I gotta say, that was meme'd across the web quite well lots of people I know on the left posted about it. It was in an easy format that can be universally understood, even if they weren't history buffs, even if they only had 2 brain cells.

Now imagine the same situation without the internet. Only newspapers, radio broadcasts, television.

Climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers, 9/11 truthers, etc. etc. all a result of the internet, and the "official" narrative is more institutional (universities, tv, movies, MSM, etc). Before the internet you had no opportunity to actually go and apply scrutiny to these concepts, you either had to take it at face value or go dig into it yourself. Now you can just pull up the documents instantly and explain why it's bullshit.

Can you imagine trying to accomplish this task without the internet? It would prove to be very difficult. Like, you're not just going to walk around with a briefcase full of papers so you can prove this stuff to people if it happens to come up.

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Oy veh shut it down, this could affect our carbon sheckles.

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carbon eugenics > greta thunberg > club of rome > GGuidestones

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