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I think any diet not consisting of hydrogenated oils and corn syrup will be just as effective.

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Sugar is a lot more insidious than people think, especially psychologically. It has everything to do with the bacteria in your gut, yeast rather.

But I do tend to agree, the fatty acid ratio in the diet is something that doesn't get much attention, and besides consistent resting blood sugar levels is probably the other big metric I'd pay attention to for long term health.

Your chronic inflammation levels are massively influenced by the ratio of omega-6:omega-3 in the diet, and most people's ratios are way too high. Plant oils are probably the main offsetting factor: corn, cottonseed, sunflower, canola. Stay away from a lot of nuts. Butter and coconut oil for cooking. Mustard oil is a decent choice. Olive oil for dressings (uncooked) is fine. The good majority of packaged foods contain the inflammatory plant oils because they're just dirt fucking cheap.

I think the ketogenic diet is a good therapeutic tool for a short run, perhaps a couple months. It can get your blood sugar handling and insulin sensitivity back on track better than virtually any medication. But in the long run, keto can be an inflammatory and stressful diet. It's a survival adaptation after all.

The more healthy way to go about diet is something cyclic. Periods of lower carbohydrate (sub 100g/day) combined with intermittent days of higher carb and lower fat, ideally falling on your highest physical output days. Additionally, I also think nutrient timing is an underrated tool. I believe a lot of the benefits of keto can be had with a consistent feeding window of 6-8 hours and nothing but water during the fasting period.

In the past, I've done strict keto for weight loss. In 2 months, my average resting blood sugar fell by 30. The initial adaptation phase also does pretty good things for energy after your first week or so. Once you get through that shitty first week, your energy levels improve and the mental clarity/sharpness is worth giving it a try just to experience it once. I loved that part; the brain knows it wants carbohydrate and your senses get sharp because you're essentially in starvation mode. It even felt like my visual acuity improved. After a few months though, your adrenal glands will be run into the dirt.

The worst part of the keto diet is the inconvenience it causes you when everyone else in your life isn't eating that style of diet, and every social event you are a part of features foods you can't fucking eat. Also, when your family worries about having to cook something special for you even when you insist it isn't necessary. Eating is just such a social thing, that a special diet has a way of being a pain in the ass. If you do keto, at least don't be the fucking retard who has to make it their whole identity.

EDIT: Have had a few people msg me about gut bacteria. If anyone is interested, holler at me in a comment and I could throw a post on /whatever.

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But in the long run, keto can be an inflammatory and stressful diet. It's a survival adaptation after all.

It can be. Some people continue to get inflammation and autoimmune issues with plant foods in general and so they end up going pure carnivore. The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet is probably the best form of the keto diet since it's practically a carnivore diet.


Though I think there are potentially other reasons for failure on keto diet, with one of them being omega 6 : omega 3 ratios and the fact that most people don't like to eat organ meats like liver or heart which are incredibly nutrient dense.

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Cutting out sugar for me was great. Health improved in endless ways and I stopped even feeling the need to snack at all, so the body obviously could regulate itself properly once more. Now it's a rare thing for me and I don't miss it otherwise. Food and drinks with sugar added now taste off to me as my taste adapted, so it's not even a struggle at that point.

Please do some more writing on this. Information and debates or discussion on diets are important. We are what we eat.

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what is wrong with nuts? i snack on almonds and pecans and nut butters with apples. don't you get valuable minerals from nuts?

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Hey I'm interested in keto but i hate meat and eggs. Also cannot afford to lose any weight. Any tips? Fasting might be easier, interested in that too but can't afford to lose weight and get very jittery if i don't eat every couple of hours. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Eat the soy sugar goy!

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what if high fructose corn syrup is extra horrible because of the pesticide residue.

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Good point. I’ve never considered that before.

The mass amounts of sugar that we ingest seems much more of an issue than say fluoride would be. I’m sure hfc is responsible for so much carnage.

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When your body is using fat as an energy source as opposed to carbs, it's a different experience all together.

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I was listening to an endocrinologist recently who said that a poor diet causes hormone problems, which can lead to bipolar. He said he never treated someone with bipolar who also didn't have a poor diet and hormone problems.

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Modern diseases always run in a pack.

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I convinced my bi polar friend to go keto. Within 6 weeks there was noticable mental clarity, such that my friend found stable work and successfully moved out of the garage (mania induced) and into the house.

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Same thing happened here.

[–] Dailytacs ago 

To you personally, or to someone you know? That's awesome.

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[–] Dailytacs ago 

Back into their home. After living 5 years in an uninsulated stale smoke filled garage.

My friend quit smoking as well.

Truly, an incredible transformation.

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Repeat this experiment 12 times under similar circumstances and I might take it seriously. Other than that psychological science is mostly garbage. Unrepeatable. Psychology today...garbage.

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Observe it for yourself.

Go eat a diet high in sugar, and cheap carbohydrates and see if you become moody, and irritable when your blood sugar levels swing drastically on a daily basis.

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Sodium valproate and other mood stabilizers used to treat bipolar disorder affect intracellular sodium and calcium levels which are strongly linked with their mood stabilizing effects. The same type of medications are used in treating and preventing epileptic seizures. The ketogenic diet likewise tends to reduce and sometimes even eliminate seizure incidence in patients with epilepsy because of similar mechanisms.

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I wouldn't believe it even if it has 12,000 samples. If it's in relation to psychology, it's garbage. Until each and every single semantic slinging semite is swinging from a streetlamp, psychology is in the shitter.

Which is a damn shame because it could genuinely be a very good tool to understanding human nature if not for the kikes constantly trying to use it to kill whites.

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This, any normal healthy person can probably walk into a psych and walk out being diagnosed with some shit

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Only 2 people in the study? Not really a good study, not that I doubt the benefits of ketogenic diets (for some people).

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I tried it for 4 weeks earlier this year. Ended up losing a good amount of stomach fat from it. I may try it again more seriously later this year.

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It's called a case report, not a study. It's what you start with if you don't have the resources to conduct a full clinical trial but have made an interesting observation.

Clinical trials are extremely expensive. Thank Big Pharma for that, they have cheated so often that they had to create so many checks and paperwork that you basically cannot run clinical trials for anything that isn't attached to their money.

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Yea 2 people...tabloid science.

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ketosis is an anti-inflammatory state. its a feeling of euphoria, clear thinking, and increased energy. for some people, its not compatible..like if you have low adrenal function. i felt amazing during the day, but couldnt sleep at all at night. if i could i would go back to it. maybe in the future.

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Same here, I did it for 3 years then couldn't maintain all the meal prepping. If you don't plan every meal ahead you'll find yourself caught off-guard with nothing to eat but blocks of cheese and sticks of butter.

I was a different person mood-wise. Felt pretty happy and wanted to get up and exercise daily.

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There are way more people allergic to common foods than people realize. We also tend to assume we can eat anything because medicine doesn't factor in ethnicity heavily enough into the research. How can you expect a Caucasian person to eat rice and not gain weight, or an African to eat bread and not get fat? Our bodies are not designed to eat modern multicultural cooking. If you try to eat what your ancestors ate watch the weight miraculously fall off. Personally switching to a meditteranean diet has improved my health significantly... and eating potatoes almost every day has made me lose weight... funny because I'm half Irish.

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Can confirm. I'm on month two of a very low carb diet and I've been on this diet a few times before. One of the great benefits of this diet is that it is mood stablizing. The body/brain changes to running on ketones rather than so much glucose. When you're on ketones it feels like you're on a more clean burning fuel. You can think clearer, with more perspective.

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The body isn't meant to be dosed on refined sugar non stop, that's for sure. It's an unnatural condition.

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