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They've been saying glaciers, arctic sea ice, and polar ice caps have been receding for over one hundred years, and it's pure nonsense.

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Hilarious to see a lot of those doomsday dates previously claimed proven bunkum.

"No glaciers anymore in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2020, 2030... err umm... 2080??? But we are totally believable guyz, trust me I'm an expert....guyz???" - Climate expert with a zoology degree.

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Climate change

Do those words frighten you?

The sky is falling.

This planet has always been and always will be in a constant state of flux.

Climate change is as natural as......, nature.

MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE is perhaps a real thing...., in China or India where they have way too many people and very low standards.

Do you know how to fix “man made climate change”?

Nuke China, fix so many global problems and make this earth a much more beautiful place.

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Did I miss the part in the article where they list who died or are we just upvoting things we want to be true?

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we dont want to save the environmentalists. they keep convincing stupid people into believing stupid things.

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Next year, there was a 30-year snow record at Glacier.

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Glaciers are Outliving the Environmentalist Who Predicted Their Doom...

That's because we are entering a new ice age.

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