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Diagnosed means the parents actually have to notice that something is wrong and then go to a doctor to get a diagnosis.

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KEK now that I think of it again this makes more sense. Niggers wouldn't need tism buxx they already have welfare

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I wish it was the simple but I think something is definitely wrong. When I used to live in the hood, autistic kids were always kids of known junkies with almost no exception. Autism in white communities is at epidemic levels. Me thinks white people are being targeted.

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That is what happens when the kikes convinced white people to have children as old as possible now as a result we have downie kids or when you change the formula to (((soylent)))

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They change the criteria and language so much it's hard for me to trust the statistics. People who 30 years ago would have been called "mentally retarded" are now autistic. People who have common personality issues are also called autistic.

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I work at an engineering center for a multinational company, all of the engineer staff is autistic. (((They))) are pushing this shit.

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They are poisoning whites with state enforced Soylent food too

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I can't find any on the shelf baby formula that doesn't have soy in it.

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It's hard to tell if a 65 IQ nigger has autism.

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Who are more likely to get hospital care and antibiotics for infections while pregnant?

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with blacks, how could you tell?

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Proof of the superiority of the autistic race.