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Probably because the environmental thing is seen as a soy-boy position, when in fact it's the consumption driven soy boys who cause more damage to the environment in the first place.

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I hope everybody knows that methodology like this is why modern psychology is fucking embarrassing, and this study is nonsense.

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I agree.

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There's a difference between genuine environmentalist and the sort of socialist eco-lunacy that passes for environmentalism in the media. Paid protestors constantly demanding taxation and socialist policy. None of them have any interest in ecology, wildlife preservation, soil regeneration. Indeed many of these nuts are vegans under the assumption they are saving the planet when the diet is among the most environmentally destructive in its monocrop farming and global transportation of food.

I get sick and tired of leftists hijacking the topic of environmentalism, it's one of the reasons we are in this mess because we let them control the narrative. Conservatives care more about pollution than leftists, that is obvious just from a cursory glance at the state of our towns and cities. Conservatives care more about protecting the environment rather than turning everything into migrant housing and starbucks. Conservatives tend to understand the role of farming in culling over-populated species, and in regenerating the soil. Leftists generally do not.

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fucking THIS. only degenerates pollute and are careless about the ecosystems in which they depend on. so of course the left is going to twist this into their own agenda.

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When you're talking real people this is true. Corporations will do whatever they can get away with.

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This. Nature is fucking awesome. True environmentalism is hiking, climbing, kayaking, snowboarding. True environmentalism is gardening, farming, hunting. True environmentalism is being against litter, and being willing to call out the nigger throwing trash on the ground instead of accepting it's part of "dey cultcha". True environmentalism is loving your land enough to be willing to defend it from invaders.

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Reminds me of that Vegan Kill Cult series on youtube some farmer posted.

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You're thinking of Conservationists.

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It says "less likely to care about the environment". How is this a good thing?

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Actual conservationism is very masculine and it is tragic that the left has coopted 'environmentalism' as a whole.

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They've harvested environmentalism to extract collectivism. Since everything you do affects the environment, and thereby also them, they manufacture standing to control every aspect of your life.

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Reminds me of that Vegan Kill Cult series on youtube some farmer posted.

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All those buzzwords. Old conservatives good, leftist take and we sad.

Care about what exactly? This thread reads like a ploy to normalize global warming stories, free labor recycling and other scams. If you really care then go plant some trees. Or take up arms and defend the rainforest.

Very few people care, it doesn't matter who controls the virtue signal.

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I have a feeling non white races skewed the results a lot. Dane and Saxons fought wars for hundreds of years over good farm land. You're gonna tell me that our ancestors didn't care about environment? It also has the tag "climate change" so i bet you anything that was the most heavily weighted question. I'm sure the more masculine guys are more willing to go against the grain on climate change than the soy gotta agree with the jews guy.

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"I don't care if some mud huts and neo-Babylons flood. I care far more about this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5017538/"


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"Caring about the environment" is a radical environmentalist weasel phrase used to insunuate that not being a radical environmentalist = not caring about the environment. I corrected the original title to make it truthful.

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because that does not mean what the question purports it to mean. is this your first day reading lugenpresse?

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I can't help but take this with a grain of salt... "environmentalists" and "outdoorsman" are basically opposites these days. I don't think concrete jungle soyboys are the environmentalists...

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The soy-faced heeb Tom Jacobs (https://psmag.com/author/tomjacobs) kvetching about how more masculine men don't share his political positions.

By the way, unrestricted immigration, especially from poor countries, accelerates the consumption of resources, which "environmentalists" keep telling us will bring about the end of the world. Throw this in the face of every open borders "climate change" faggot.

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Enviornmetalists today live in high-rise condos, eat at restaurants, own a Prius and work out in a gym.

I live on a few acres with hundreds of trees, a pond, orchard, well&septic, garden, chickens and drive a 20 yr old truck I maintain myself.

But I am the one that is bad for the enviornment and need to be regulated.

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Complete B.S. study. Look at any protest featuring moonbats, any campouts for the newest gadget, the anti Wall St protests a few years back, etc. It's the fat, epicene SJWs, faggots, and Heyer types that trash every place that infest. More leftist noxiousness and propaganda.

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Stop letting the left use the environment as a weapon. They don't care about it, they use it to push communism. Us, the people who raise children should be the ones who actual care. Do you want your children to grow up in a area with healthy air or smog like China?

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