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Who decides if they have mental illness again?

Are the rates rising? Or is the scale sliding?

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Scale. Obviously. Whatever they gotta do to poison us they’ll do

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Facebook founded 2004.

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Girls are told growing up to go to the doctor over and over. So they do. The doctors come up with whatever they can to make the women believe they are sick or mentally ill. They come up with whatever disease and the women believe it. That's how they got everyone to believe they had bi-polar disorder. "Are you sad sometimes and happy others? Well guess what you have a mental illness and need to take our magic pills".

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When I see stuff like this, I have to ask the following: are people getting worse off, psychologically speaking? Are we getting better at diagnosing mental illness? Or are we expanding the criteria for mental illness to include people who otherwise don't have a problem (other than a spiritual one).

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This right here is the truth.

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big business psychiatry has been going on for a while. since the 1800s and mental hospitals. more patients = more money.

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My instinct is that it's both. Definitions ate widened and new conditions are created to ensure that nobody is considered fine. I once had a therapist tell me I had an overdeveloped sense if justice.

At the same time I think we're developing conditions akin to those seen in the Mouse Utopia experiments. Also there's the stress normies must feel from all the fucked up shit that they're told is normal and that you're a bigot for noticing.

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Some mental illnesses have been normalised, others have been invented. The health industry isn't really grounded in reality but rather is swept up in a mix of political correctness and pharmaceutical corruption.

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It seems like they are trying to switch it so that the mentally ill are the ones who are normal and the normal ones are mentally ill. It's a demoralizing campaign.

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They don't have mental illness, they're judged to have mental illness. You can't trust psychologists or psychiatrists they are working on their retirement plans not patients

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True. Pseudo science

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How the fuck can you tell a mentally ill Irishwoman from a regular one?

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Unfortunately, rh negative blood folks are more likely to have a mental illness. Not just women.

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misspelled "red heads"...

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The study also found that the prevalence of maternal mental illness correlates with levels of deprivation. Multiple studies in recent years have found that Northern Ireland is the most deprived region in the UK.

What the fuck does this mean? Deprived of what; nigger cock?

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They mean poor. N Ireland is isolated from the rest of the UK. Those parts of it which weren't always rural were into industries now dead, such as ship-building, and there was a low level terrorist conflict for decades, which included terrorists taking hostage and then murdering the local boss of one of the few foreign companies to try and set up a factory there, which didn't do a lot for inward investment.

Northern Ireland is split into two by a community divide which is also a religious divide - Protestant vs Catholic. What the article doesn't say is that the poorer Catholic community was also traditionally Catholic enough to have large families. I wonder if the statistic of the number of children with mothers with mental health problems is influenced by poor mothers having trouble caring for large families. (But this is not the first time N.Ireland has been shown to have more mental or general health problems than the rest of the UK).

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Apparently, part of the globalist playbook is to proclaim the whitest people as mentally ill, due to lack of sun or some shit.

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