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God did the math and realized there were not enough languages for every group to get two.

...I am unable to fathom this level of stupidity and obscene combination of ignorance and misplaced self-importance.

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Interesting system. For the community, boys who continue to use the female variant of their language "are considered abnormal", which isn't too different from our own society where males who grow up and use feminine mannerisms are considered abnormal. I'm curious if the males continuing to use the female variant of Ubang display other effete traits consistent with homosexuals.

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Yeah, I wonder that too. They must get the message pretty quick though.

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Either that, or at some point the Ubang take that wayward boy out into the bush and come back saying a Lion got him.

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Given that the concept of language is meaningless if it does not facilitate communication this is nothing but the end game of natural selection weeding out a failed branch of humanity. Nothing to see here. Explains everything.