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The problem is that the United Nations, the globalists and the leftists are all trying to make the science match their fantasy scenario. It will never match, because fantasy is not reality. Any studies that support the fraud of man-made global warming are frauds themselves.

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"So all that has to be done is solve the conundrum of applying Fourier Law and Boltzman equation to the regularity of 3D Navier-Stokes Equations within a range of initial vorticity and rotating turbulence of a chaotic system. Then model how it fits when applied to our spinning spheroid with its irregular surfaced and non-uniform viscous fluid substances, while taking into account all the energy exchanges over time, and show which quasi-stable ‘strange attractor’ (i.e. warming or cooling) we are trending towards within the probable range of perturbations exhibited on this planet."

So what's the hold up? LOL