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Any photometricists want to chime in on the validity of this article? Swapped all of my bulbs for LEDs years ago, but I made sure to get warmer tones (meaning lower K) when I could. Stark white is saved for where color accuracy is needed, and I never buy anything with a bluish tint.

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it's total bullshit. Their conclusion is no different than concluding that staring at the sun could cause irreversible damage. Fact is that most LEDs are safer because the emissions are focused in the visible band so if something is too bright you'll be even more aware of it before it damages anything.

As an aside, if you're looking into LED lighting, and your actually worried about this nonsense even though you shouldn't, look into higher CRI and lower color temperature as these maximize wavelengths in a range your eyes are more sensitive too. high color temperature LEDs can cause insomnia and eye fatigue. 420nm pump triphosphor LEDs look fucking amazing if you can afford them.

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You can compare in picture, that red and infrared is almost missing in LED, those are healthy wavelengths albeit you can't see them.

Different Light Source Spectrums:


Amount of blue in daylight is ok, because you are not walking around outside with face up to the skies and your eye is adjusting anyways - comparing if you are under same amount of blue indoors reading or working on something.. Important is also "a stroboscopic affect in some LED lights - provoked by tiny fluctuations in electric current - can induce 'headaches, visual fatigue and a higher risk of accidents,' the report said."

Besides stroboscopic effect LED is digital light, not analogue, so its also messing with all natural functions just because it is unnaturally in packages.

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You can compare in picture, that red and infrared is almost missing in LED, those are healthy wavelengths albeit you can't see them.

Sure. I've read things about how LEDs not emitting the heat of incandescents being 'unnatural' of a sort. But this is the first I've heard of their emitted blues causing blindness.

a stroboscopic affect in some LED lights

Ah, I see. At least for a little while longer. Hopefully they're regulated in their manufacturing to account for this from here on out.

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blue light is poison, its near ultraviolet light in the spectrum... red led bulbs are actually heAlthy!

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You know you stared at a LED monitor or a LED phone to post this right?

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its the blue light thats poison... put a red filter on your screen and you can change all white background (which has blue in it) to red with apps!

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A tip for those horribly oppressed by EU: you can still get old good incandescent bulbs in Macedonia, maybe in Serbia too. As far as I know its completely legal if a friend brings you a package or two of those incandescent bulbs while on travel.

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https://archive.ph/ProIe :

2019-05-15 | LED lights can irreversibly damage the eyes, French health authority warns   | Daily Mail Online

"The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) warned powerful LED lights are 'photo-toxic'.", "LED lights can permanently damage the retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France's government-run health watchdog has said.", "ANSES urged officials to revise the maximum limit for exposure to LED lights, which emit 'blue light' at much higher quantities.", "The UK's chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has previously said blue light is an 'important area of investigation'."

'Others such as Twilight or the ‘night mode’ setting on your device will reduce blue light emitted at any time. '

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night mode won't do shit. the blue is in the backlight not the LCDs. it comes through in all whites and blues. the amount of change that setting the LCD color temperature to will accomplish is negligible.

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well, you are replying to a bot.