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That's why you've got to force it on them chemically and socially before puberty hits, you stupid goy.

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children are not gender confused... they dont think much of gender... its the (((media))) that is forcing it!

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Of course. The vegan cats is a good analogy.

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Read my comment. The stat is misleading. https://voat.co/v/science/3221212/18636837

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So as many as 98% to 70% of gender confused boys & 88% to 50% of confused girls accept their biological sex.

Well shit, why didn't you just say it here and we can do away with the pretense that children with penises are boys and children with vaginas are girls!

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keep pointing out this stuff. trannies are fucked up but so is fraud.

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Around the age 11-15 I was a butch tomboy who never wanted children. I grew out of that around age 16-17 and grew increasingly feminine after having children. I love being a woman! I imagine I fell prey to the homo-agenda while attending public school and my parents were too naive to understand what was going on. I shudder to think what may have happened if I had been allowed to take male hormones (against my parents wishes and with the permission and guidance of the state courts and social workers).

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I like tomboyish girls, they produce strong sons.

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Especially if shes tall.

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Strong sons and cool daughters!

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I have several little boys and a girl due next month :) Looking forward to how they turn out! Thanks for the perspective; never really thought about it!

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In one post you unravel 50 years of pseudo-science

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I have a hard time putting into words just how angry I was when I realized I was the product of a deviant agenda that targets children and the youth. I went from having empathy and sympathy for the homosexual plight to raging disgust and hatred. I have since realized many of them are a product of this agenda themselves or the product of childhood sexual abuse and I feel sorry for them. However the people in charge of this propaganda, the ones who politicize the movement and the ones who parade their deviancy around? Toss 'em off a roof; they will never feel remorse for what they are doing.

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I was a tomboy when I was a kid too. I think I'm probably older than you because back then it wasn't weird or uncommon for girls to be tomboys and there was never a notion of "transgender". I shudder when I think that kids who were like me are now being told they must be transgender just because they prefer to do boyish things! It's just wrong.

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So was I, I climbed trees, played football, drove in go-cards, played with cars [my favourite toys]. I also didn't show any girlie behaviour when it came to nature, I picked up frogs [and actually kissed one on the belly...], worms and spiders to rescue them. I am still like that but I am also a very feminine looking [old-er] goth and I love being a woman. It used to be totally normal for some girls to be tomboys and they were called just that and then you waited until we grew boobs and started bleeding and then we suddenly got interested in boys and looks and forgotten were the tree climbing and football.

Basically females can be tough too, and can be interested in other stuff than fingernails and babies. I know a lot of cool females that are feminine but capable of fixing cars, stuff in the home and other things but these females are somehow not the wanted rolemodel. They are basically sexist, because they say if you are not a girlie girl, you MUST be transgender or a lesbian. EXCUSE ME!

That's really, really rude and wrong. Imagine how dangerous it is nowadays to be type cast and predicted to be something you are not?

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It was confusing, to say the least. At the time of my tweens and teens, tomboy = lesbian behavior. Thank you for sharing; your comment gave me some comfort that I wasn't an oddball.

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What snapped you back to reality? Just distancing yourself from the schools and the peddlers of degeneracy?

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Hmm, good question. I'm not entirely sure but I think wanting to have sex with boys my age and not wanting to be more masculine than them had something to do with it. I went to high school from 2000-2005 and it was trendy (where I went to school) for young men to wear tight jeans and eyeliner; if I wanted to land a boyfriend, I had to be more feminine than them. This was just how my young mind interpreted things. I grew my hair out and started wearing more feminine clothing even though it made me very uncomfortable in my own skin. I was still a tomboy but much less butch. I joined the military after high school and college and that didn't help any. I never had a problem attracting alpha males despite my harsh nature and eventually became pregnant. Having a child (and now I've had many) has really helped me embrace my femininity. I am no longer confused about my gender, my sex drive, my role, etc. I was fed too much propaganda as a child and had a hard time emerging as a conscious entity, but it eventually happened. I hope that answers the question! I enjoyed this question because it's not something I've given much thought about.

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The dsm has done nothing but create confusion around the simplest subject.

They hide the real predators.

Pathologize their victims abuse symptoms into mental illness (gaslighting, disempowering, trapping them in abuse, racketeering the system).

Drug their patients against their will.

Lock them up without any due process.

Justify pedophiles as a sexual orientation rather than extreme psychotic violence against the most vulnerable.

Force gender reassignment on kids using drugs, trauma and gaslighting.

Never educating the public about gaslighting or narcissistic abuse leaving us ignorant and vulnerable to psychopaths.

Never warning us of the pathological behaviour in many of our leaders and influential people.

But hey. It has made them all very rich and delivered countless victims into their hands with full state support and no accountability.

Psychiatry and psychology. The most guilty of all the deep state traitors. None of this mess would have been possible without first filling this profession full of psychopaths and pedophiles.

The lunatics are very literally running the asylum

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tbh I cant wait for the DSM VI to come out.

How quickly the left will support pedophilia after its deemed a mentall illness and NOT THEIR CHOICE SWEATY

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I just saw a comment like that on Youtube, "it's a mental illness, not a choice!"

Uhhh, NO.

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No one is gender confused, it's a made up jewish bs story being pushed by the jewish msm. Either you have a penis and want to use it or you have a vagina and want to use it or you have both and want to use them.

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The Guardian: Homosexual Jew Magnus "Hirschfeld’s biggest contribution was to introduce this idea of the many intermediate stages between men and women which we are still exploring to this day,” Dose says. “He sought to dissolve this myth that gender was binary and to give sexual minorities a voice for the first time.”

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Strange, but true

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Ya think? Christ being a kid is difficult enough as it is. Now they are pressured to get fucked up surgery. Which leads them to become more despondent and than join the 40%.

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How many of them ever admit that they were never confused but instead, were being heavily and systematically brainwashed by pathetic weak liberal parents who wished for a child they could use to gain a better standing amongst their silly liberal friend groups.

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But if gender confused boys are exposed to hormones and other chemicals in food or water, are they able to naturally pass through puberty?

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It is what’s causing the average age of the onset of puberty to become lower and lower. The average age for girls is around 10.5 according to some statistics.


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That's misleading. Here's what the actual statement says: https://files.catbox.moe/ywbu94.png

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as many as

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