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Hm, for something placed under the category of “science” this certainly seems like non-observable made-up horse shit.

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The headline should have been "German scientists hypothesize a possible reason for the water loss on Mars" not "Mars IS venting. The article is fine, the headline is utter dogshit.

The scientists now can design an experiment to test it. THEN, once the results are in, reviewed, agreed on the methodology and the data interpretation, they can say "mars IS venting its water into space."

God I hate science headline-writers at shit websites like Yahoo or CNN.

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Why isn’t it observable?

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Could it be total bs?

It would make a nice pre-cursor to a similar event here on earth. Also total bs though v easy to then push an agenda or tax or whatever theyll be up to next

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Welcome to v/science

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Where's MEGA MAID when you need her! Suck. Suck. Suck!

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Blow! Blow! Blow!

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Reason number 5682 why colonising mars is a waste of time.

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But one reason to colonize. No niggers.

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The earth-moon lagrange points don't have those either.

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Goddamn Aqua Net

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who knew????

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Sucks when your core has solidified, and magnetic field has all but collapsed.

Mars is in the final stages of climate change.

One day the atmosphere will be so thin that the dust storms will look like swirling water from space. Then nothing.

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I wonder if they could terraform mars by nuking the core. Either way the gravity is less than earths so there would be a much smaller atmosphere even if there was a magnetic field.

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You'd have to get to it, which for even a small planet like mars would be a big deal. And it'd require a lot of energy to liquify...

Itd make great 50s SciFi. But Mars is a cold dead world. Europa or Io are active, but the radiation from Jupiter is just too much. And Europa is tidally locked, which would just suck anyway.

A few billion years ago, it would have been amazing, Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system. Most likely free water too. It very well may have been a cooler earth although it probably dried up and died off before life really had a shot.

The place has been sand blasted for millions of years. Just chancing on something on the surface is just crazy, but it's cool to see it.

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A method is known - there may be new ones

tests in lab conditions suggest that inflatable structures could potentially generate a magnetic dipole field at a level of perhaps one or two Tesla, protecting against both radiation and solar winds.

In addition, such a field could result in Mars' atmosphere thickening over time, creating a greenhouse effect which could increase the planet's surface temperature by up to four degrees and melt northern polar ice caps.

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All those probes we landed punched holes in the Martian atmosphere!

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Let's form a bucket chain and go get some.

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Mars needs heat, mass, and hydrogen. We basically need to crash a moon into it.

Jupiter probably shouldn't be fucked with, but the outer planets have a couple of little ones that might comprise a lot of internal water ice.

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