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better yet, supplement with iodine!

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https://archive.ph/mf7S7 :

None | Thwarting Protein Reverses Brain Decline in Aged Mice - Scientific American

'Must they interact with brain cells directly, or can they communicate indirectly, through the gateway to the brain, the blood-brain barrier?'

'Plasma from old mice or humans worsens cognition and biological indicators of brain health, when infused into young mice. '

'Both methods prevented signs of brain aging in young mice infused with old plasma and reversed existing markers in elderly mice brains. '

'That protein can cross from the blood into the brain, but Wyss-Coray wondered how certain molecules contained in blood typically “talk” to the brain. '

'Biological and cognitive measures alike indicated that blocking VCAM1 not only prevents old plasma from damaging young mouse brains but can even reverse deficits in old mice. '

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