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95% of the plastic in the ocean is from subhumans from apefrica and India. Guess we need to exterminate them all.

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Couldn't hurt.

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Genghis Khan proved the only viable solution for the destruction of the environment due to human based activities is extermination. God I love shoving that fact down eco fags throats.

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Another scare story? Really? How's the ozone layer these days? The Great Barrier Reef? They're fine? But I thought they were inches away from total annihilation of all life on this planet. Oh, that was yesterday. Today, we are losing the bacteria that produce the oxygen we breathe. I wonder what frightening revelations tomorrow will bring? A new pandemic? Threats from instabililty in the Sun? Super volcano activity? Because the media needs to keep the public frightened all the time, every day, waking and sleeping.

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So "we fixed that now" means "it never was a problem, and the situation was all a hoax."

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All climate Science is a hoax, dontchaknow. Unless it confirms my views.

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Did you forget about global warmin, er I mean climate change?

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Scepticism noted.