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And the nice spider colonies infested with jew spiders go extinct even faster.

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Jew spiders through decades of media brainwashing manage to convince the nice spiders to open up their colonies to the bad spiders. Until one day, a good spider becomes hitler spider.

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The arachnids' personalities are heritable, so a docile pair produces almost exclusively docile offspring, aggressive mates mainly make aggressive offspring, and mixed pairs produce a combination of docile and aggressive babies.

Das raysist

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For these spiders, passivity represents an "evolutionary dead end" because it comes with quick payoffs but dooms the lineage over time, Pruitt says. Much of the evidence for dead-end strategies comes from mathematical models that predict extinction after a tipping point, but this study documents such a strategy in action and defines the conditions that lead to a lineage's demise. "The tipping point occurs when invaders are abundant," Pruitt says. "Without them, colonies founded by docile individuals would flourish, but with them, they succumb to extinction." The results from this study suggest something about aggression in general, Pruitt adds. "Species without defense might be driven to extinction by enemies".

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. "Species without defense might be driven to extinction by enemies".

shocking I tell you

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If I was a little bit dumber, I would think the writer of this article was a voater based on their word choice... lol.

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I highly suspect such a huge shift towards aggression happened in humans in the past, probably after the great deluge. Defensive structures are conspicuously missing from the architecture of people that regularly erected great stones for other reasons but their world didn't necessitate using the skills for self defense.

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According to legend and bible interpretations the nephilim were a violent menace.

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In Europe, most of the aggressive "spiders" died in WW1 and WW2, leaving the passive "spiders" to pass on their passivity traits.

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Evolutionary biology and natural law is the opposite of how the leftists think.

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Looks like the National Socialists were right about applying the laws of nature to the human race.

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That's what we are. The aggressive spiders. Here to make sure we don't go extinct from invaders

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What is this?

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Altruism of kinship DNA is well studied and complex, in animal kingdom and all life. Altruism is nuanced.

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