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For those of us who adhere to science, this is not new information. For years it has been public information that the climate kooks have been not only manipulating the data to conform to their narrative, but the models they have been using are flawed. Not good science at all. But hey, when you can't get government money without "going along" with the accepted "narrative", you will sell your dignity right along with your soul. Bad.

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The sad thing is, many of these liberal scientists have done mental ju-jitsu on themselves, and convinced themselves that man-made global warming is a real thing, rather than admit to themselves what hypocrites they are.

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Introspection is painful for a lot of people, so they just don't do it and whenever a self-aware thought bubbles up they simply ignore it out of fear, as if it were wasps buzzing around a nearby trashcan.

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Mental Jew-Jitsu

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Well, remember the old saw, "money talks". If you want those federal grants, you have to go along. Besides that, your chance for "tenure" depends on following the herd.

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This is weaponized science for the purposes of legitimizing the destruction of Western society. Regardless of if the scientists believed what they were doing, we cannot deny there was an extraordinary amount of available money specifically for this thing approved by certain groups.

By dumping so much money into anyone with a thermometer and an agenda, they oversampled, misrepresented and downright perverted the scientific method. It is a capital offense to theorize without sufficient data and these kooks are all offenders.

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Excellent points!

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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair

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But, 6 gorillion scientists agree....

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Climate change deniers! That's illegal!

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The same bunch of lying assholes that claim sea levels rose by a couple of feet in the last 100 years ignore the actual measurement of 1/2 inch in the past 70 years. Yeah. It's up, a tiny bit. Stop lying on the fucking news and PBS nature shows. Temperatures are slightly warmer than they were 100 years ago. Slightly. Maybe it's just because the sun is putting out more radiation. In any case, we're reducing CO2 output by switching to solar and wind, wherever feasible Yet, these libtard alarmist fuckers keep on lying about it all, and pushing to tax everyone that lives. They're fucking insane. They forgot how in 1969 the big scare they foisted on us was the upcoming ice ago, that never happened. Sheeit.

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Don't forget the hole in the ozone layer. That was before the Internet, so they were able to put that one over on us without a murmur. In retrospect, we can look back and see that much of what they said about the hole in the ozone layer was nonsense.

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The ozone hole damage was a temporary real thing that quickly cleared up when specific chlorine radicals, were no longer emitted. Ozone forms in the upper atmosphere when solar radiation hits oxygen. O2 becomes O3, which blocks intense UV radiation. The ozone hole issue is nothing like what the climate alarmists scream about today.

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There basically is no global warming. The Earth has been gradually warming since coming out of the last ice age. That rate of warming has not accelerated, and it has nothing to do with human activity. And higher carbon dioxide levels in the air are doing immense good, and no harm at all.

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CO2 is plant food.

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disappointed tbh. ever since they said "if climate change continues, hollywood and manhattan will be underwater!" i've been looking for ways to increase my carbon footprint.

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This is what I've been saying for a while. Leftists took a mildly interesting scientific phenomenon (the warming period the earth is currently going through) and turned it into a political platform.

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'mildly interesting scientific phenomenon' - very good. I find it 'mildly amusing' that the image of the article is a photoshop cgi. There is a voat verse https://voat.co/v/mildlyamusing which somehow doesnt fly very much. I like the idea of a channel /mildlyamusing and i have been asking myself which kind of content would hit the idea so the channel takes off.

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CFACT is part of the Koch brothers donor network. During the 2012 election year they received over 67% ($3,694,219) of their funding from DonorsTrust, the dark money ATM of the conservative right.

In 2016, the Center for Media and Democracy reported that Peabody Energy listed CFACT as a creditor in its bankruptcy filings. At the time, Peabody was the world’s largest private-sector coal company.

CFACT have also received donations from ExxonMobil and the Sarah Scaife Foundation.

Craig Rucker, co-founder of CFACT, attended the private meeting held by Trump’s EPA transition team. As reported by DeSmog, the meeting was a “Who's Who of Climate Science Deniers."

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This critique is a little light on challenging the facts or the source material. Heavy on implying that NASA'S report is tainted because of the money donated to the people who wrote this article.

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