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Wow, none of you know....the aluminum industry sells waste fluoride to city municipalities and others to save on toxic waste dumping from aluminum mining and other aluminum functions. So instead of costly toxic waste disposal costs they now net a profit off of waste.

Rj Reynolds fluoride

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The big surprise is that much of it now comes from China. Which frequently has other soluble solids. When applied to water treatment, in addition to fluoride we are also poisoning ourselves with other heavy metals and toxins, delivered directly from China.

Also, the science is very clear that there literally is no benefit to WATER fluoridation. In fact, it would be dramatically safer and less expensive to simply provide fluoridated toothpaste to the poor.

Additionally, the FDA recently admitted they have no idea how much fluoride the average American receives and they confirmed they have been poisoning Americans for over a decade. The result is they dramatically lowered what they considered to be "safe" levels. But it's impossible to claim it's safe when they have no idea of consumption and that it significantly varies simply be drinking tap water. Many drink it. Many don't. With a huge spectrum between the two. Add to this other products in common use. Which is impossible to meaningfully average.

There is no safe policy possible when it comes to water fluoridation. The science is 100% crystal clear on this fact. Don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

All who support water fluoridation is either ignorant or evil. There are no exceptions.

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It's worse than zero benefit, there is at least a strong correlation between the years we've been fluoridating municipal water and the increase in thyroid abnormalities and bone fractures (skeletal fluorosis).

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Fluorid doesnt help teeth. It actively damages it.

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People who are pro-water fluoridation have never thought about it rationally or are mentally unable to. Fluoride has to be applied directly to teeth for it to do anything. Do you drink toothpaste to clean your teeth? Water comes in contact with teeth for a fraction of a second, if at all.

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Also, the science is very clear that there literally is no benefit to WATER fluoridation. In fact, it would be dramatically safer and less expensive to simply provide fluoridated toothpaste to the poor.

Easy way to win this argument against fluoride shills is to point to all the studies that prove that DRINKING fluoride doesn't do anything for your teeth, because fluoride operates topically.

Ask them if they think drinking aloe juice is the same as applying it to a burn, because that's their logic if they defend fluoridated water.

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Of course. They want you just unhealthy enough to still work but not die; people in such a state are broken and are of no threat to anyone. To accomplish this and make a profit? Oy vey! [HAND RUBBING INTENSIFIES]

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Such old news that isn't well known as it ought to be

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I remember hearing somewhere that fluoride was a byproduct of smokestack scrubbers, and they just resell the shit they gather from the scrubbing process.

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Looks like life long flouride intake takes about 10 IQ points off controlling for other variables, in a double blind study.


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The paper says there was a correlation between high fluoride levels and calcium deficiency, which makes sense because they're both halogens. If you have low iodine levels your body will start absorbing chemically similar substances to replace it. Make sure you use iodized salt or eat a lot of seaweed.

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The better part of your blood calcium comes from your skeleton. Fluoride replaces calcium in bone tissue. Fluorosis is real. It can be observed on teeth. Dental fluorosis dulls the color of existing enamel and deposits white specks or streaks on the teeth. This process weakens bones in general, and you can track an increase in serious hip fractures since the introduction of fluoride to the water system.

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I have dental fluorisis. I don't know how many dentists I've been too who haven't seen it before and accuse me of having a bad whitening job done.

I'm sure my bones look the same. Sigh.

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Iodized salt no longer has enough iodine to be sufficient. They have been reducing the amount of iodine in salt since they stopped putting it in bread. You really need supplements not unfortunately .

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You should have a supply of iodine capsules anyway in case of nuclear contamination.

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Don't drink the government's poisoned water

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They put it in bottled water too. Sometimes together with lithium.

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Lithium is issued as a mood booster. Some doctors recommend it for depression & bipolar disorder. Not really sure if it has the same health risks as fluoride though. Any familiarity with it health-wise?

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What do you drink?

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That's rich coming from an alcoholic who drinks poison every day

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Dude, what is your problem with me? I'm not dial.

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I need reparations!

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Could be a lot of things. Vitamin D3 deficiency will drain the shit out of your energy. Vitamin D3 and electrolytes (potassium is one indeed) are the cheapest nutrients, and very essential.

Also a job where you sit all day will tank your energy. 15 minutes of jump-rope after work wakes me up fast.

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I think so

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Glad I got me a rain-water collection system.

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I hope you distill or RO the chemtrail and diesel shit out of it

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Lots of dirty pollutants in rain water, but "chemtrails" don't exists, so they're not in rain water.

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I believed in chemtrails for a while, but activists have literally went up and tested the chemical contents of the contrails and didn't find anything.

Chemtrails are just persistent contrails -- air traffic has a huge impact on global cloud formation and weather patterns, but the clouds are created/seeded by the low air pressure resulting from planes carving through the air. These clouds ARE indeed unnatural and created by the airplanes, but not the result of nefarious activity.

Chemtrails is something the government would plausibly do, given how evil they are, but it's just overtuned paranoia by the conspiracy community.

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Yeah man... Thats the real trick huh? I treat it lightly with chlorine and run it through a small filter for drinking and use it straight for other uses.

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Diesel? I would be more worried about the toxins from burning EV battery's

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