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It wasn't a simulation, it did involve qubits, and operated on them, not virtual qubits.

"scattered quantum bits or qubits back to their starting points"

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You don't know what a qubit is do you?

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Definitely not reversing time

Probably desperate to keep funding so they release clickbait bullshit

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Few things frustrate me more than the way journalists write about physics.

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Unless they received information from themselves in the future I don't see how this is reversing time. All they did was undo the scattering. And they did it while moving forward in time.

No doubt that unscrambling an egg is hard, but it does not mean time was reversed.

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I solved a jigsaw puzzle. Time travel confirmed.

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It's all fun and games until scientists hold our breakfast hostage.

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you laugh, but a text based time machine is not that far off of possible

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I hate bullshit misinformation like this shitty title.

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I presume this is related to the quantum relativity observed with the double slit experiment?

re: http://www.louisdelmonte.com/a-classic-time-travel-paradox-double-slit-experiment-demonstrates-reverse-causality/

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Did they hit the rewind button on the video player?

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Let's play a game. Without looking at the story or the other comments, I'm just going to assume that this ridiculous headline is false. Please prove me wrong.

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Quantum computers are calculators. They cannot reverse time. This machine is capable of doing very complex calculations in a very short amount of time. It cannot bend space time, create portals, or time travel. There is an alternative physics article that elaborates what the scientists did. They were able to create an algorithm that reset the super position of the atoms to be in a state of 1 second ago.

I'm talking about at an atomic level, the age of the atom is alleged to be sent back a second. That the quantum effect of changing the super position of the molecules in the computer following a certain command routine can reverse the aging process of the computer's qubits. They want to experiment and come up with a more efficient algorithm to set the decay back further in time.

What can this be used for? Maintenance? Long term would be to figure out how atoms can be restored to a younger state. Applications would be useful for nanotechnology if the nanos can have a quantum effect on molecules and run a sequence to restore atoms or molecules to a newer state. Again, this would be maintenance. You cannot go back in time.

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