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The writer of this article is a mother fucking metamoron. The material is designed with a shape that reflects specific sound waves back, a mirror for sound waves, but it does not absorb sound whatsoever. Using this as soundproofing would be as challenging as using mirrors to dim out ambient light...hell, actually more so, because a cheap home mirror absorbs something like over 50% of the light that hits it. The idea of sound mirrors is kinda cool, I'll concede that, but "endless possibilities"? Sombody be drinking that clickbait kool-aid...

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Scientists SHOCKED! Discovery of a shape that reflects sound better than a bathroom mirror.

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Now to fit it on a gun.

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Couldn't help but notice, this was only used, in the demonstration video, to cancel out a single tone. Does this need to be custom designed for each frequency? The big "invisibility cloak" meta-materials discovery from a few years back didn't work for that exact reason.

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That is really interesting. I think that the practical use for HVAC systems could be very helpful. Here is the bio and contact information for Dr. Xin Lhang: (Click Here).