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Good article. The only thing that is crap in the article is this:

*But Mr Linga also cautions that any exploitation of the reserves must be done with the utmost care because of environmental concerns. The potential threat is that methane can escape, which would have serious consequences for global warming. It is a gas that has a much higher potential to impact climate change than carbon dioxide. So the trick is to extract the gas without any of it slipping out. *

The explanation of why that is false is here:

The Methane Big Lie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6LsoiyVTII

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Click bait title, it's the hydrocarbons in cased that burns.

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They didn't make up the term "flammable ice" for the article. That's what it is called in common usage.

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Like meth. Kinda. Ehh whatever.

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It's methane trapped within frozen water.

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Like meth-ane

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Too awkward to extract and handle, and there is no real need for it, so it will never become a major energy source. Which is just as well, because extracting it would pollute the oceans.